Hot Issues Content Inclusion Request Form

Hot Issue Content Inclusion Criteria Guidelines
PURPOSE: The Hot Issues Section appears on the home page of the MDH website. The intended purpose of the Hot Issues section is to provide a highly visible location on the homepage of the portal whereby MDH can communicate timely, service-oriented, health information that is of great interest/impact to statewide citizens and others. Information which pertains to specific Administrations/Offices should be included on the individual Administration website under news/hot issues.
MDH  staff my request posting a new or existing link to the Hot Issues section in order to highlight something that is time-sensitive in nature, i.e. service, event, emergency, etc. MDH  staff may also post information that is not included on the MDH  site i.e. Water Conservation Information, 2003 Legislative session, etc.
GUIDELINES: In order to maintain and manage the Hot Issues Section on the MDH website, the MDH Web Team in conjunction with the Public Information Office has created guidelines to follow when requesting a Hot Issue posting:
  • The designated sponsor should submit the Hot Issue Request form below.
  • Must adhere to the Hot Issues Content Inclusion Criteria Guidelines stated above.
There is a limit to the number of Hot Issues that can appear on the MDH home page. Approved requests will be posted the next business day and will remain no longer then 30 days (occasionally in order to promote services as they relate to or occur at certain times of the year the link announcement may continue to be posted until it is no longer relevant).
Hot Issue Content Inclusion Request Form Coming soon!!!!!!