Managing For Results in Maryland State Government

In July 1997, the Governor implemented Managing for Results (MFR) in Maryland State government. The Governor feels strongly that 'Meeting customer needs by providing quality, cost effective services and products must be the focus of every State agency. The challenge is to shift the management culture of State government from a primary focus on processes, to a focus on results as well.' - Maryland Managing for Results Guidebook

- Management Model
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- Training - University of Baltimore

- Governor's Interagency Steering Committee

Managing for Results is the key component of Maryland's customer-focused management model which also encompasses budgeting, Continuous Quality Improvement (CQI), Employee Performance Planning and Evaluation (PEP), and Pay-for-Performance. The Governor wrote to State employees: The power and appeal of Managing for Results is that it integrates current management tools and techniques, provides direction for the future based on what is important for meeting customer needs, and leads government to do the right thing with the best use of resources. State leadership and employees are thinking differently about how they achieve results and measure their progress. State government monitors its progress in achieving desired results by developing and monitoring program and agency performance measures.