Annual Memorial Service.

Every year the State Anatomy Board holds a memorial service for all those who gave of themselves to further the cause of medical education and research to improve the lives of Maryland residents and beyond.

The first memorial service was held in 1973 and have continued annually with the unwavering support of Springfield Hospital and their volunteer services, building and grounds staff, the chaplains and others without which this service would not be here today.


Century High School

355 Ronsdale Road, Sykesville, MD  21784

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June 2020



Dedication Site

This creation of a dedicated gravesite began 1971. Dr. Fred Ramsay, Chair ofmemorial marker 1-mod.jpg
the Board, searched for an appropriate peaceful place for such a site. Springfield State Hospital was willing to grant the State Anatomy Board exclusive use of the garden in front of the historic Patterson House, in perpetuity, where those who donate are honored to this day. Dr. Ramsay requested and received funding from the State to erect a carved stone monument designating the dignity, honor, and sacredness of this place. The monument reads:

“This monument has been placed with deep appreciation for those who gave unselfishly of themselves to advance medical education and research”

The memorial site is on the grounds of the Springfield State Hospital accessible via Entrance A or Entrance B on the map of the hospital grounds:

Springfield Hospital Center Site Map.pdf

1st Street, Eldersburg, Sykesville, MD  21784

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The Anatomy Board is committed to conducting burials with the utmost respect and care for the decedents of our program as well as engaging is good stewardship of the environment.  As such, the Anatomy Board exclusively performs green burial to minimize environmental impact and maximize natural conservation of the gardens at the dedication site. What is a green burial?  The primary goal of a green burial is to provide a final resting place for decedents which does not place any toxic chemicals or non-biodegradable material into the soil of the gardens when placing decedents ashes.  During our burial process, Anatomy Board personnel individually remove each set of ashes from their container and place the ashes into the ground without any accompanying plastics or other non-biodegradable containers.  The burial site is then covered and grass/plants reseeded over the area to restore the natural plant life of the gardens.