Fee Schedule


The following fees are established by the Board.
All fees are nonrefundable
No. Applications Fees
1) Application processing fee to obtain a Certificate of Eligibility $100.00
2) 12-month renewal of certificate of eligibility for obtaining employment $50.00
3) Initial license fee $75.00
4) Biennial license renewal $200.00
5) Reactivation processing fee to change from inactive status to active status $300.00
6) Reactivation processing fee to change from non-renewed status to active status $500.00
7) Inactive status fee $25.00
8) Returned check charge (plus bank charges) $25.00
9) Replacement of license $25.00
10)  Copy of roster of current license holders $25.00
11) 24- month renewal of certificate of in training for temporary employee $25.00