The Board issues the following credentials pertaining to practice to:

Apprentice License

“Apprentice” means an individual licensed by the Board who assists a licensed mortician or funeral director in the practice of mortuary science or funeral direction, under direct supervision of a licensed mortician or funeral director.

Courtesy Card License

“Courtesy card” means a license issued by the Board to licensed practitioners of mortuary science in other states, to make a removal of a dead human body in this State and to return the body to another state or country, to return dead bodies from another state or country to this State, to fill out the family history portion of the death certificate, and to sign the death certificate in the holder’s capacity as a licensed practitioner of mortuary science.

Registered Crematory Operator

(e) (1) “Business of operating a crematory” means controlling or managing a crematory. (2) “Business of operating a crematory” does not include: (i) The practice of funeral direction or the practice of mortuary science; or (ii) 1. Assistance in making decisions and filling out forms that are not directly related to cremation; 2. Obtaining vital statistics, signatures, and other information necessary to complete a death certificate; 3. Transportation of a body to the place of disposition; or 4. Any other services regarding the disposition of a body that are not directly related to cremation.

Funeral Director License

“Funeral director” means an individual who is licensed by the Board to practice all aspects of mortuary science except for embalming.

Mortician License

“Mortician” means an individual who practices mortuary science.

Mortician License: For New Applicants
Mortician License: Practice and Renewal Forms

Surviving Spouse License

“Surviving spouse” means the legal widow or widower of a licensed funeral director or licensed mortician, whose license was in good standing at the time of death, and who at the time of death, wholly or partly owned and operated a mortuary science business.

Registered Transporter

“Registered transporter” means an individual employee of a mortuary transport service who has registered with the Board to remove and transport human remains.

Please consult the Board’s applicable Statutes and Regulations for more information.


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Licensing Notices

  • Criminal History Records Checks (CHRC) - It is recommended that for all applications requiring a criminal background check, the applicant complete the fingerprinting approximately 4 to 6 weeks prior to submitting your application to the Board. The Board is unable to consider your application for licensure or permit without receiving the required criminal history background information.