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    Licensees Frequently Asked Questions

    ​Can I seek advice​​ from the Board on matters I've encountered in the field (i.e., difficulties with lineage, arrangements, decedents, etc.)?

    The Board of Morticians and Funeral Directors (“the Board") is a State entity engaged in licensing and discipline as authorized by Md. Code Ann., Health Occupations Article (“Health Occ.") § 7‐101 et. seq.  Neither the Board nor any of its staff members is authorized to provide legal advice to licensees or other individuals.  This includes the interpretation of statutes and regulations, Executive Orders, and other laws pertaining to the practice of mortuary science or other licensed activities.  Guidance from members and employees of the Board, even informally, about how to comply with these laws, are not rules, regulations, an opinion, or an official statement of the Board and should not be relied upon.  If you have any questions about how to comply with the statutes or regulations governing mortuary science or other licensed activities, you are advised to consult an attorney of your choosing, your liability carrier, or your professional association.

    Does the person paying for services have the right to make the arrangements and the right of disposition? 

    The right to decide disposition and the right to make arrangements for disposition are detailed in the “lineage" statute in ​​Health Occ. §7‐410 and Md. Code Ann., Health‐General Article §5‐509.

    ​​H​ow do I submit an application?

    ​First, take the time to review Board laws and regulations. which can be viewed by clicking her​e.  Once you have familiarized yourself with the laws and regulations, please obtain all necessary documents indicated on the application checklist.  Please fill out each field and checkbox selection in the application, sign, and have your signature notarized.  After a completed application has been submitted, the Board's licensing coordinator will review the application for any discrepancies or omissions and/or prepare your application for Board approval at the next Board meeting.  The Board meets on the second Wednesday of every month, except August.

    ​​What is the submission deadline for a licensure application to be considered for monthly Board meetings?

    L​icenses/Permits:  All completed applications/supporting documentation must be received by the Board three weeks prior to the monthly Board meeting.

    ​​E​stablishments:  All completed applications/supporting documentation must be received by the Board three weeks prior to the monthly Board meeting.

    ​​Can I apply for or renew my license online?

    C​​​urrently, the only online service available is application for renewal for Morticians.  All initial applications and non‐Mortician renewals must be submitted in hard copy through regular mail or dropped off at 4201 Patterson Avenue Baltimore, MD 21215 (please call first)

    C​an I pay with my credit card?  

    ​​Only for online renewals for active Morticians (approximately 60 days in advance of expiration year).  All other fees must be paid to the Board by check or money order.

    ​​​What information is required on my General Price List (GPL)? 

    ​​Please review the Federal Trade Commission's Funeral Rule at:  FTC Guidance ‐ Funeral Rule

    ​​Where can I find the FBI Privacy Act acknowledgement form?

    T​​his form is included in the Criminal History Background Check: LiveScan Application on page 2.


    ​I was separated from my sponsor (discharged/voluntary quit/sponsor resigned), what do I need to do to continue my apprenticeship?

    P​lease review the Code of Maryland Regulations COMAR 10​.29.09.07 and submit a completed Termination of Sponsor‐Apprentice Relationship Reporting of Funeral Assists Worksheet as soon as possible (within 30 days of termination).  Once you have a new sponsor, you will also need to complete a Change of Sponsor Application and submit to the Board office for approval at the next Board meeting.

    ​I​ do not have all of the items to apply for my Morticians license, but will complete them shortly after my apprentice license expires.  Can I renew my license for a third time?

    ​Please see COMAR  A third time renewal application will require a full Board vote similar to your initial apprentice application.  Please provide written detailed information about outstanding items and why you were unable to complete them during your two‐year apprenticeship. 

    ​​Please note:  a one‐time 60‐day extension of the second renewal may be issued for good cause shown after a written request is received.

    Mortuary Transport Company

    ​T​​he mortuary service transport application states that I need to submit a surety bond or letter of bond ability.  What is the dollar requirement for this bond?

    COMAR​(B)(5) requires that you submit “[e]vidence that the mortuary transport service is bondable and carries liability insurance to cover each registered transporter employed by the mortuary transport service."  Therefore, you must determine an appropriate dollar amount to satisfy this requirement.

    C​ontinuing Education (CEUs)

    ​D​​o I need to submit a pre‐need law CEU if I am exempt from the continuing education requirement?  (Newly licensed or 40 years of service)

    P​​lease review COMAR and COMAR

    I ​​did not submit an annual vendor fee by January 1st, but would like to apply for Board approval of an upcoming CEU course.  Is it too late?

    Annual vendor fees can be submitted with your 1st application of the year.

    ​D​​o​es the Board offer seminars for CEUs? 

    ​​​​No.  The Board voted in February 2019 that it would no longer permit Board staff to offer CEU seminars.​


    ​​When I sell or close my funeral establishment or crematory, what do I need to do?

    Under Health Occ. § 7-313(c) click here , licenses issued by the Board are not transferable.  For funeral establishments, selling or closing owners should contact the Board before the sale or closure to provide notification of the sale or closure and to make arrangements to close out their establishment license.  New funeral establishment owners must apply for a license as required under Health Occ. §7-310 click here​ , should review the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) click here , and submit the required application click here​ , and required documentation to the Board.  For crematories, selling or closing owners should contact the Board before the sale or closure to provide prior notification of the sale or closure and to make arrangements to close out their crematory permit.  New crematory owners must apply for a permit click here​ , and should review the Code of Maryland Regulations (COMAR) 10.29.17 click here and 10.29.18 click here​ .​