Continuing Competency Requirement (CCR)

How do I submit a CCR for contact hour approval review?

​​If you are seeking approval of a continuing competency requirement activity, download a paper copy of the contact hour approval request form by clicking here​.  

What is the NBCOT waiver?  
Maryland Continuing Competency Requirements are waived if, at the time of renewal, NBCOT certification is current.​

How many CCR are required for renewal?  

    The CCR requirements, per renewal year, are detailed below:

Renewal Year

Original licensure date

Renewal cycle

New expiration date

# of required CCRs

(0 if NBCOT certification is current)

Time Frame

(N/A if NBCOT certification is current)


Year ending in odd number

2 year cycle

June 30, 2023

0 or 24

July 1, 2019 through June 30, 2021*


Year ending in even number

2 year cycle

June 30, 2024

0 or 24

July 1, 2020 through June 30, 2022*

*You will be attesting to the completion of your CCR requirements on your renewal.  Therefore, CCRs need to be completed before you renew.

***The Board also recognizes the maintenance of current NBCOT certification as fulfilling the Continuing Competency requirement. ***

Do I have to send in copies of my certificates of completion?
 You only have to submit proof of your CCRs if you are audited.  Otherwise, you will attest to your CCR completion during your renewal.
Where can I find additional information?  
Refer to COMAR 10.46.04 for complete regulations. 


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