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    Application Questions​

    What documents are needed for licensure?

    A completed application with photo, Criminal History Records Check (State and FBI), Verification of NBCOT certification (or NBCOT eligibility to sit for the exam), verification from any state or country in which you are, or have previously been, licensed.

    What is difference between a temporary and an initial permanent license?

    A temporary license may be issued  to an applicant pending the results of the next regularly scheduled national certification examination.  The candidate must meet all other requirements for licensure and must provide specified documentation relative to exam eligibility.  

    If I was previously licensed in Maryland but let my license lapse/expire, how do I reapply?

    You will need to reinstate if your licensure status is currently expired. 

    What is the cost of an application?

    $200 for a temporary or official license. 

    Do I need verification to be sent from other Board offices and NBCOT?

    No. You can take screenshots of NBCOT and the Boards' websites, showing proof of your licensure/certification.

    If I had my NBCOT scores sent to the Board, do I need additional verification from NBCOT?

    No. The scores will suffice as proof of your certification.

    Do I still need moral character forms?

    No. Criminal History Records Checks have replaced moral character forms.

    Are there any restrictions for my username?

    Yes. Your username cannot be more than 25 characters.

    How can I check on the status of my application?

    You may call the Board office at 410-402-8556, or check online with your username and password.  Select online services and the appropriate license type in which you registered. ​ 

    Do I need continuing competency requirement (CCR) hours if I am currently certified with NBCOT?

    No.  Your CCR hours are waived if your NBCOT certification is current at the time of your application or renewal.​

    How long is an OT/OTA license valid?

    New licensees will be issued a two-year license, expiring on June 30th with expiration dates determined by the licensee's original date of licensure.  ​Licensees issued an initial license in an even-numbered year will have an expiration date of June 30, even year.  Licensees issued an initial license in an odd-numbered year will have an expiration date of June 30, odd year.  

    You must complete continuing education (or have current NBCOT certification) and renew your license to maintain an active status.  

    Reinstatement/reactivation applicants should contact Lauren Murray, 410-402-8556 or email her at lauren.murray@maryland.gov, for further instructions.   

    How will I know when my application is complete?​

    You will receive a courtesy email from the Board office when your application has been approved.  In this email, you will be instructed to visit our verifications page to obtain your license number and print a copy for your records.  

    You may contact the Board office at 410-402-8556 to check the status of your application or sign into the online services, log into the system and select View Checklist from your account. 

    If I'm awaiting licensure, when may I begin practicing occupational therapy?

    Only after you've received an official license number from the Board.  As mentioned above, you will receive an email from the Board when your application has been approved.  80% of completed applications qualify as routine, are reviewed and approved internally, and then ratified by the Board.  

    Special case applications are reviewed by the Applications Review Committee on a case by case basis.  These include character/fitness/disciplinary history issues, no preapproved continuing competency requirement hours, and/or a lapse in practice of 3 or more years.  The process for temporary licensure can take 1 to 3 business days from the time that a complete application is received by the Board Office.  

    Are there restrictions with a temporary license?

    Yes.  A temporary licensee is required to receive specific supervision from an O.T. licensee.  See the Maryland regulations manual for specific guidelines.

    Are there special requirements for internationally-trained applicants?

    No.  The licensure process and requirements are the same for all applicants.

    What if a state or country in which I've previously held a temporary license doesn't verify temporary licenses?

    Please ask the licensure board of that state or country to complete the MD verification of licensure form. 

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    Criminal History Records Check Questions​

    What is the procedure for criminal history records check?

    Fill out this form found on our website and bring it with you to be fingerprinted.  Typically the fingerprinting costs approximately $50, depending on where you have your fingerprints done.  You must make sure that they are running both a Maryland State and FBI history records check.

    What do I do with my receipt after being fingerprinted?

    Either send your receipt into the office with your application or upload it to your online application.

    Will I need to be fingerprinted more than once?

    Once you are fingerprinted for the Maryland Board of OT, you will not need to be fingerprinted for the Board again.

    ​Do I need to be fingerprinted for renewal?

    If you are renewing in 2019 and after, you will need to be fingerprinted prior to the renewal process.  Licensees will be notified via email of the month they are required to be fingerprinted.  

    Can I get fingerprinted before I'm scheduled to for renewal?

    Yes, you can be fingerprinted at any time.  Remember to keep your receipt.

    If I have been fingerprinted in the past, can the Board use those fingerprints to do the criminal history records check?

    No.  The FBI requires that the Board of OT receive a new set of fingerprints to be sent to the office.

    What if I live outside of the state of Maryland?

    If you do not live in Maryland and are not close enough to drive to Maryland, please contact the office, and you will be sent a fingerprinting card.  You will need to have ink fingerprints done and will send the card and your processing fee back to the state of Maryland.

    Renewal Questions​

    When does renewal begin?

    Timely renewal is from May 1 through May 31.  The grace period extends from June 1 through June 15.  A $25 late fee is applied from June 16 through June 30.

    Do I need to be fingerprinted for renewal?

    If you are renewing in 2019 or 2020, you will need to be fingerprinted prior to the renewal process.

    ​What is my username and password?

    You may use your username and password from the last renewal cycle.  If you cannot locate this information, please press the 'click here' on the login page to search for your information.  Either enter your birth date and last name or enter your license number and 8-digit registration code.  (Remember to press Search.)  The system will display your general information.  Proceed to the bottom of the page to select a new username, password, security question and answer.

    How do I find my registration code?

    The registration code was placed on the mailing label on the front of the renewal notice postcard.  If you have misplaced your postcard, please call the Board at 410-402-8556, or email us at mdotboard.user@maryland.gov.

    The pay fees button is grayed out.  How can I pay?

    Please make sure all of your previous pages have been completed by verifying that the boxes are checked off in the navigational menu at the top of the page.  If one of the boxes is not checked, please click on item to revisit and complete that page.

    When paying fees, I get an error message of 202.  What should I do?

    This error refers to the expiration date of the credit card.  Please be sure the expiration date is correct in the billing section.

    When paying fees, I get an error message of 101.  What should I do?

    Please enter an email address is needed in the billing detail on the pay fees page.

    When paying fees, I get an error message saying “payment could not be processed”.  What should I do?

    Please contact the Board office at 410-402-8556 for assistance.

    I forgot to print a copy of my renewal receipt.  Can you send me a receipt?

    Please send an email request to mdotboard.user@maryland.gov.

    Will I receive a paper license once my license is renewed?

    The Maryland Board of Occupational Therapy has 'gone green' and is utilizing the current technology available to provide timely licensure status verification on-line.  You may visit the Board’s verification page, https://mdbot.mylicense.com/verification

    How will I know that my renewal has been processed?

    You will receive a courtesy email from the Board office when your application has been approved. 

    I have changed my name since the last renewal cycle.  How do I proceed?

    Answer accordingly on the renewal form and upload your documentation during the renewal process.

    Once I renew, how long is my license valid?

    Your license is valid for two years.  If you renewed in an even year, your license will expire on June 30, even year.  If you renewed in an odd year, your license will expire on June 30, odd year.

    Do I need CEUs if my NBCOT certification is current/in good standing at the time of my renewal?

    No.  Your CCR hours are waived if your NBCOT certification is current at the time of your application or renewal.

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    ​Do I need CEUs if my NBCOT certification is current/in good standing at the time of my renewal or initial application?

    If your NBCOT certification is current/in good standing you need no additional CEUs to apply for an initial license or to renew your license.

    ​How many CEUs do I need for an initial application if my NBCOT certification is inactive?

    You will need 24 contact hours during the 24 months preceding your application.

    Can all my CEU activity be from online courses?

    Per COMAR (7) Internet Learning:

               (a) A licensee may participate in on-line courses and receive 1 contact hour per 1 hour
    Every 2 years, a licensee may apply a maximum of

    (i)              16 hours toward the continuing competency requirement related to occupational therapy principles and procedures; and

    (ii)              8 hours toward the continuing competency option for role-related activities.

    What activities are considered for CEUs?

    Per COMAR, 23 different activities available for CEUs.

     What is the difference between principles and procedures and role related activities?

    ​Per COMAR (7) “Occupational therapy principles”:​

              (a)  The use of therapeutic activities that promote independence in daily life roles;

    Per COMAR (8) Occupational Therapy Procedures.

              (a) “Occupational therapy procedures” means:
                     (i) Developing, improving, sustaining, or restoring skills in activities of daily living, work, or                             productive activities, including instrumental activities of daily living and play and leisure                               activities;

    Per COMAR (9) Occupational Therapy Role-Related Activities,

              (a)“Occupational therapy role-related activities” means activities which are relevant to and that                       augment a licensee’s professional, job-related duties and responsibilities.

    How can I verify the number of hours that the Board has awarded an activity?

    ​You may verify a course by checking the Board's website for the course.  Select Verify a License, ​then Click here to search for Courses, Type in the Sponsor Name (or course number in the license number box), and click Search

    ​Temporary Applicants/Licensees

    Who is eligible for a temporary license?

    Individuals who have otherwise met all requirements for Maryland licensure, and are registered candidates eligible to take the next scheduled national certification exam.

    How long will it take to receive a temporary license?

    Once all application materials have been received by the Bopard, a tempoary license may be issued within 5 working days.

    What will happen to my temporary license if I do not take, or do not pass, the national exam?

    Your temporary license will be voided, and you must stop working immediately.  You may apply for a second temporary licenses.  You are not licensed to practice in Maryland until you are issued a second temporary license.

    Even though I successfully completed the national exam, and I personally have received a written notification from PES, is it possible that my temporary license could be suspended?

    Yes.  If you do not ensure that verification of the exam results are forwarded from PES to the Maryland Board, your temporary license will be suspended.  You may fax a copy of your PES notice to the Board office at 410-402-8561, or upload the document using our online services.

    How may I obtain a second temporary license?

    You may be eligible for a second temporary license by submitting:

      • An application confirmation notice from NBCOT for the next regularly scheduled exam.
      • Payment of $50 fee to MBOT for a second temporary license.​

    When does my temporary license expire?

    Either, upon written notice that your temporary license is void or suspended as of the effective date on the written notice; OR, upon receipt of your official license from MBOT; OR the expiration date on your temporary license.

    May I practice limited occupational therapy while I'm waiting to receive a second temporary license?

    No.  You may not practice occupational therapy in Maryland without a license.

    What credential abbreviation may I use as a temporary licensee?

    Temporary Occupational Therapist:  OT/LT

    Temporary Occupational Therapy Assistant:  OTA/LT

    What are the supervision guidelines relative to temporary licensure?

    Please refer to COMAR

    Once I have a temporary license, will I automatically receive an official license?

    If the Board receives written verification from PES of your successful completion of the exam, your application for official licensure will be forwarded for review.  There is no additional fee.  You will be notified by email when your official license is issued. 

    How do I find my official license number?

    ​​​​​​You may visit the Board’s verification page, https://mdbot.mylicense.com/verification, to print your licensure information for your records.  Enter your last name only and select 'search'.  When your name appears, click on the link to your name.  Your license number and verification information will populate on the screen.  Use your browser's printer icon to print this information for your records.  

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