Letters of Good Standing (Verifications)

A written verification of a licensee's status, with the Board seal affixed, may be provided upon request.  A request for written verification must be in writing to the Board, and include:

  • Name of the licensee to be verified
  • Address where the completed verification is to be forwarded; and
  • A money order, check or credit card order in the amount of the verification of licensure fee established by the Board in COMAR  The fee is $20 per licensee.

Click here​ to submit an online request.

Instead download and mail in the verification request form.  Click here for a downloaded paper form.  

Written verifications will include:

  •     Licensee's name
  •     License Type
  •     License Number
  •     Date of Original License
  •     Status
  •     Expiration Date
  •     Derogatory or Disciplinary Information/Status of Good Standing (Yes or No) 

To view licensure information online click here


 Phone verification may be provided only if:

  •     By consumer request
  •     Employer emergency
  •     Imminent public harm

Phone verifications may include:

  •     Licensee's name
  •     Status
  •     Expiration Date
  •     Good Standing (Yes or No)

License numbers are not given over the telephone.