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    CEU: Logan Chiro College

    Course Title Hours Approved Date
    Adrenal Physiology & Stress Response    7 1/6/2009
    Management of Common Clinical Syndromes  12 1/22/2009
    How to Clone a Successful Wellness Practice 20 3/17/2009
    Got Documentation ? Clinical Doc 12 3/16/2009
    Pro-Adjuster  Man. Technique Int. Training 6 3/16/2009
    2009 Logan College Alumni Homecoming 51 4/16/2009
    Sot Pelvic Corrections & Craniol For Headaches 12 6/2/2009
    Bioenergetics Healthcare - Substitute Instructor N/A 6/2/2009
    Intro to Craniopathy 8 6/16/2009
    Structural Mgt-Future Sports Medicine 12 7/14/2009
    Sorsi Homecoming ' 2009'    10/14/2009 128.5 7/14/2009
    ACA Chiro Symposium & Expo '09 20.5 7/29/2009
    Unique Options For Enhancing Practice 14 8/27/2009
    Acupuncture Module (2CEU'S) is not approved as it outside scope of MD. Chiropractic    
    Dr. Brimhalls 6 Steps To Wellness  20 10/9/2009
    4th Annual Prof. Football Chiro Ed Seminar 12 11/5/2009
    Pro Adjuster Manipulative Technique Inter Training          6 11/23/2009
    Chiropractic Pediatrics 12 12/29/2009
    Sorsi  - 2010 Mid Year Conference 28 1/6/2010
    How to Clone a Successful Wellness Practice 12 3/8/2010
    2010 Logan College Alumni Assn. Homecoming 28           3/08/2010   
    Recognizing Food Enzyme Deficiencies 10 4/19/2010
    2010 Pro-Sport Washington DC Seminar 13 6/2/2010
    Functional Lab Testing 12 8/31/2010
    Dr. Brimhall's 6 Steps to Wellness & Introduction  #28&29    
    to Functional Diagnosis 20 9/27/2010
    DC Tracts Home Study 2011  Vol. 23: Low Back 6 10/1/2010
    The Aging Patient 6 10/1/2010
    Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD) 6 10/1/2010
    Proficiency in Practice 6 10/1/2010
    Cranial & Neuro-Development Dis in children 12 11/06.2010
    Chiropractic & Cranial / Infant Care 12 11/6/2010
    Chiro Management of Pregnancy & Birth Trauma 12 11/6/2010
    Treatment of Common Pediatric Syndrome 12 11/6/2010
    Chiro Practical/rehab Integrating Active Training & Exercise    
    For Spinal Health & Wellness 12 11/10/2010
    5th Annual Prof. Football Chiropractic Educational Sem. 12 12/6/2010
    Sorsi - Mid Year 2011 Conference 29 1/3/2011
    Posture Practice On-Line 2011 15 2/6/2011
    Comprehensive Look @ Low Back & Pelvis 12 3/1/2011
    12th Annual Enzyme Nutrition Conference 17 3/1/2011
    Performance Academy 12 3/21/2011
    Logan Homecoming 2011 28 (max) 3/21/2011
    Loomis Inst. of Enzyme Nutrition, Seminars 1 & 2 20 (ea) 3/21/2011
    2011 ACR Wokshop 16 5/3/11
    Brimhall 6 steps to wellness protocols 12 5/3/11
    Sacroiliac Instability/Hard to Treat Problems 8 11/30/11
    Dr Bimhalls 10 steps to wellness 20 11/30/11
    6th Ann. Prof. Football Chiro Ed. Sem. 12 11/30/11
    Dr John Brimhall 6 Steps to Wellness 12 1/9/2012
    DC Tracts 2012 – Volume 24 (Misc) 24 1/9/2012
    SORSI 2012​ 30​ 2/2/12​
    Biomechanical ,imaging & HS Sports ​ 12​ 2/2/12​
    OUM 2012 Focus on Fundamentals​ 6​ 2/2/12​
    Loomis Inst. Of Enzyme Nutrition 22​ 3/21/12​
    Posture Practice Online 15​ 3/21/12​
    2012 Logan College Alumni Assn. 32​ 3/21/12​
    ​9th annual Gonstead Mtg of the Minds 13​ 6/11/12​
    ​Holistic Approach to Thyroid 6​ 6/11/12​
    ​Achieve Optimal Wellness w/ Detoxification ​6.5 9/6/12​
    ​7th Annual Prof Football Seminar ​12 1/14/13​
    ​Nutritional Perspective on Neurological Disorders ​6.5 ​2/26/13
    ​Homecoming 2013 (28 max achievable) ​32 ​2/26/13
    ​Female health Concerns (nutrition) ​6.5 ​​2/26/13
    ​​A Different Look at Thyroid, choles. & Diab.  6.5​ 4/8/13​
    ​Neurology & functional med. seminar ​20 ​6/3/13
    ​Advanced workshop & practicum ​17 ​​6/3/13
    Loomis Inst of Enzyme Nutrition​​ ​22 ​8/30/13
    8th ann.Prof. football chiro. Ed. Seminar​ 16.0​ 11/15/13​
    Gastro-intestinal health​ ​24.0 ​11/15/13