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    Other Approved CEUs




















    AMTA-MD Chapter



    Ethical Awareness in the Small World; Sensitivity Training for Massage Therapist












    Francis Murphy D.C.



    OTZ The Move











    BTB Seminars-National College



    Module 5 Traumatic Injury Stroke












    Wise DC.



    4 hours Communicable disease, 4 hours risk management, 4 hours Jurisprudence, 1 hour cultural competency and diversity












    Wise DC.



    Adjunctive Physiotherapy, ancillary diagnostic testing. guide to symptoms and Disease, sports medicine, testing of auto accident injuries, treatment of golf injuries, trends in practice and treatment, nutritional deficiencies and disease, ethics and chiropractic practice, strength and conditioning, clinical nutrition, geriatric health care, nutritional therapy, pain management, pediatric health care, professional boundaries, sports injuries, weight lose management, x-ray fundamentals





    each class









    Francis Murphy, D.C.



    Expanding techniques/breakthrough coaching






    on line






    CME outfitters



    LLC and NRCME training












    BodyZone, LLC



    Posture Practice












    Structure and Function



    Foundations in Dry Needling for Orthopedic Rehab & Sport Performance












    ​Institute for Natural Resources



    ​Probiotics, Food and Immune System












    ​International Alliance of Healthcare Educators



    ​CS1: Cranio Sacral Therapy 1












    International Alliance of Healthcare Educators​



    Spinemobility's Boot Camp for Lumbar Special Stenosis












    ​Chiro CEU Seminars.Com



    ​Complete Documentation for Complete Reimbursement












    ​Institute of Natural Resources



    ​Mindfulness & Stress Reduction












    ​Prague School of Rehab



    ​DNS Exercise Part 1












    ​Jessie Jutkowitz, D.C



    ​Advanced Bio Structural Correction (Basic)












    ​Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute



    ​Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute's 7th Annual Thought Leaders Consortium












    Advanced Chiropractic Techniques



    ​​Fine Tuning the Musculoskeletal System
    Sub Courses:
    1. Lower Extremities
    2. Upper Extremities
    3. Cranials
    4. Centering Devices
    5. Cervicals
    6. Thoracic & Lumbars





    For Each Course









    ​Donald B. Berry



    ​First Principles of Movement: Part A












    ​Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association



    ​Boot Camp Program for Lumbar Spinal Stenosis












    ​Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association



    ​Why Patients Do What They Do












    ​Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association



    ​Mastering the Lower/Upper Extremity the 'Wong Way'












    ​Pennsylvania Chiropractic Association



    ​Managing LBP & Lower Extremity Disorders












    ​ACA Chiropractic Sports Council



    ​Safe Sport (Mandatory for CCSP Certification)



    ​contact sponsor for accreditation









    ​Deborah Cheung Accreditation Manager



    ​The Gut-Brain Connection: Facts, Fads and Fallacies












    ​Charlene Muhammad



    ​Teaching Yoga for Arthritis












    ​Institute for Natural Resources



    ​The Sleep-Loss Epidemic: Understanding and Managing Sleep Disorders












    ​Catalyst Sport



    ​Immaculate Dissection 1: Core Concepts












    ​Health and Safety Institute



    ​Child/Infant CPR and AED Supplement












    ​Dr. Jessie Jutkowitz



    ​Advanced Biostructural Correction (Advanced Seminar)












    ​Standard Process Med-Atlantic



    ​Essentials of a Comprehensive Nutritional Practice












    ​Institute of Natural Resources



    ​Marijuana & Cannabinoids: What Health Professionals Need to Know












    ​Katherine Bodenberg, D.C.



    ​The McGill 2 Masters Course












    ​Chiro Ist Chiropractic



    ​Mulligan Concept Upper Quarter












    ​Postural Restoration Institute



    ​Myokinematic Restoration












    ​PESI, Inc.



    ​Spanish for Health Care providers












    ​PESI, Inc.



    ​Treating Torticollis: Going Beyond Just the Neck












    ​Drs. Allen Manison and Dr. Josh Bros



    ​Dry Needling Recertification Class















    ​Neurodynamics - Upper and Lower Quadrant 1












    Personalized Lifestyle Medicine Institute - The 8th Annual Thought Leaders Consortium



    ​Immune Rejuvenation & Personalized Lifestyle Medicine in a Pandemic Era












    ​MSK Masters, Dr. Randy Moore



    ​MSK Masters Diagnostic Ultrasound Core Curriculum












    Leslie Howard​



    ​Pelvic Floor Yoga Teacher Training












    ​Apollo Health



    ReCode 2.0​









    ​ 44​Dry Needling Institute​Chiropractic Assistant Radiological Technologist​        10.0​  03/17/2021
    ​ 45​Dry Needling Institute​​Dry Needling for Craniofacial, Cervicothoracic & Upper Extremity​         27.0​  03/17/2021
    ​ 46
    ​NET, Inc.​NET Advanced and NEXT" (Neuro Emotional Technique)​       24.0​   7/12/2021
    ​ 47
    ​John Hess, DC​N​Essentials of a Comprehensive Nutritional Practice​       7.0​   9/​2/2021

    John Hess, DCN
    Essentials of a Comprehensive Nutritional Practice​       7.0​​
    Institute for Natural Resources​​Novel Coronavirus (COVID 19) & Influenza       4.0​11/04/2021​
    ​Institute for Natural ResourcesUnderstanding Pain: Migraines, Headaches, Neck and Low Back Pain​       6.0​10/4/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Mandatory DC Core Courses: 3 Hr. Communicable Disease, 4 Hr. Risk Management, 4 Hr. Maryland Jurisprudence, 1 Hr. Cultural Competency & Diversity         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Ancillary Diagnostic Testing Procedures         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Chiropractic Sports Medicine         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Current Trends in Chiropractic Practice & Treatment         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Diagnosis & Treatment of Nutritional Deficiencies & Diseases         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Geriatric Health Care         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, IncGuide to Acupuncture Pain Management         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, IncGuide to Communicable Disease         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Guide to Contemporary Weight Loss & Fitness         12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, IncGuide to Sports Injury Treatment & Sports Performance        12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Opioid Drug Abuse Awareness        12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Pain Management        12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, Inc​Sports Injuries        12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, IncTrigger Point Therapy        12.0​09/09/2021​
    ​The Wise DC, IncX-ray Fundamentals ​        12.0​09/09/2021​