The mission of the State Board is to protect children living in Maryland’s residential child care programs and to promote quality of care in the field of Residential Child Care through:

  1. Certifying and regulating RCCPAs and RCYCPs;
  2. Receiving and resolving complaints from the public, licensing authorities, courts, employers, insurance companies, other certificate holders regarding RCCPAs and RCYCPs who may have violated the practice act and its regulations; and
  3. Setting the standards for RCCPAs and RCYCPs that reflect new and emergent developments in the profession.


The State of Maryland will provide qualified residential child care professionals to further the well being of children living in Maryland’s residential child care programs.

About The Board

The State Board for the Certification of Residential Child Care Program Administrators (hereinafter “the Board”) consists of 12 members, of which 6 are representatives from various state agencies involved in the licensing and monitoring of residential child care programs. The Governor appointments six members of which 3 are residential child care program administrators,1 Residential Child and Youth Care Practitioner and 2 are consumer members.

The term of board member is 4 years. A board member may not serve more than 2 consecutive full terms. Board members must be residents of the State.

The consumer members may not (1) be a residential child care program administrator; (2) have a household member who is a residential child care program administrator; (3) have a household member who participates in a commercial or professional field related to administering a residential child care program; and (4) have had within 2 years before appointment a substantial financial interest in a program regulated by Maryland Department of Health and or Developmental Disabilities Administrations, Department of Human Services or the Department of Juvenile Services.

Board Members

Krystal Holland, Chair, Certified Program Administrator
Janet Furman, Vice Chair, MDH, Developmental Disabilities Administration
Nicole Smith, Secretary, Certified Program Administrator
Bong Delrosario, Maryland Department of Disabilities.
Robin Harvey, Department of Human Services
Caroline Jones, Program Administrator, MDH, Behavioral Health Administration
VACANT, Maryland State Department of Education
Dorenzer Thomas, Certified Program Administrator
Sonya White – Norman, Department of Juvenile Services​
Paula Regan, Consumer
Jametta Hope Anderson, Consumer Member 
Vacant, Residential Child and Youth Care Practitioner

RCCPA Board Info