State Comprehensive Examination

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Once the State Board has reviewed and approved your application, you will receive an invitation to take the State Comprehensive Examination. You may not take the examination until you receive an invitation.


The State Comprehensive Examination will be given at 9:00 AM in the State Board's office.

The State Board will continue the practice of administering the State Comprehensive Examination to any individual who has been approved to take the examination at mutually agreed upon dates. Any individual who has received an invitation from the State Board to take the Comprehensive Examination may register for one of the examination dates above or arrange for an alternate exam date by contacting the State Board.

How Do I Schedule my Examination?

Candidates are encouraged to schedule their examination at least 3 days prior to the exam date that they choose. Candidates should email  the State Board to schedule their examination.

Where are the Examinations Administered?

The State Comprehensive Examination is administered at the State Board's office located at 4201 Patterson Avenue in Baltimore, Maryland.

What is the Examination Based On?

The State Comprehensive Examination consists of 100-multiple choice questions and candidates are given two hours to complete the examination. Candidates for certification must receive a passing score of 75-percent on the examination. The examination is based exclusively on the Code of Maryland Annotated Regulations (COMAR) 14.31.05 and 14.31.06.

How Do I Obtain the Regulations?

Candidates may obtain the regulations in several ways:  (1) the regulations are available at all public libraries; (2) regulations may be downloaded from the Board's web site by clicking on the "Statutes & Regulations" link; or (3) regulations may be downloaded from the Division of State Documents web site  at (Please note that if you choose to download the regulations from the Division of State Documents web site, you will need to download each subsection of the regulation.