Statutes and Regulations 

How to access DENTAL STATUTES:

Please read the instructions below carefully before you access the link.
Code of Maryland Unannotated and Rules - Free Public Access'
  1. After you click on the link, please indicate your agreement to the terms and conditions by clicking 'I Agree'
  2. You will then be taken to a page where numerous Statutes can be found in alphabetical order. Simply scroll down to “HEALTH OCCUPATIONS” and then click the plus (+) sign located on the far left side of the page, a list of Titles 1-21 will then appear located just below Health Occupations.  
  3. Select TITLE 4.  DENTISTRY.  Please note the list of Subtitles 1-7 which are the Board's Statutes.


To access to most recent up-to-date Regulations click here

Look for the Board Regulations under Subtitle 10.44

For the most up-to-date Bills click here

Note: Statutes and Regulations change periodically

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