Continuing Education Requirements

The licensee applying for renewal shall complete 30 hours continuing education relating to the practice of dietetics that foster improvement, advancement, and extension of the licensee’s professional skill and knowledge relating to the practice of dietetics.

The CEUS shall be approved by the Board or sponsored by, but not limited to, the following organizations:

-The Commission on Dietetic Registration, including approved Commission on Dietetic Registration Continuing Professional Education Providers

-The Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists

- The American College of Nutrition

-American Society for Nutrition

-The Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education

-The Accreditation Council for Pharmaceutical Education

-American Osteopathic Association

-The Red Cross

-United States Department of Agriculture, including, but not limited to, Agricultural Research Services

-National Institutes of Health

-Food and Drug Administration

-Accredited colleges and universities

-Accredited hospitals as defined in Health-General Article, §19-301, Annotated Code of Maryland


Continuing education may include:

Category 1 - Academic Course Work

In this category, continuing education may include:

Graduate level academic course work - No CEU Limit

From an accredited institution as defined in COMAR that will assist a licensee to carry out the licensee's professional responsibilities.

Undergraduate course work – No more than 15 CEUS

Courses that will assist a licensee to carry out the licensee's professional responsibilities, including but not limited to:

-Management courses 

-Foreign language training for translators of relevant texts

-Educational methodology for teachers of dietetic practice and nutrition

One semester hour of academic course work is equivalent to 15 CEUS.

One trimester hour is equivalent to 12 CEUS.

One quarter hour is equivalent to 10 CEUS.

Category 2  Seminars, Lectures, Journal Clubs

No CEU limit

This category may include seminars, workshops, journal clubs, or a Board-approved similar program, which shall be verified by any documentation requested by the Board. One hour of attendance is equivalent to 1 continuing education unit.

Category 3 - Skills Development

No more than 6 CEUS

This category includes, but is not limited to:

-Cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification

-Culinary classes

-Research methodology

-Anthropometry courses

Category 4 -Professional Reading, Independent Learning, Study Groups

No more than 20 CEUS

This category includes formalized professional reading, independent learning, and study groups, which shall be verified by any documentation requested by the Board and may not exceed 20 hours of continuing education credit.

Category 5 - Publications, Research, Professional Presentations, Case Presentations

No more than 15 CEUS

This category includes writing or editing publications, research, professional presentations, and case presentations, including, but not limited to:



-An original paper based on a licensee's research published in a professional peer-reviewed journal

-An original technical article published in a professional journal

-An abstract or book review

-Poster presentations

Category 6 - Exhibits, Posters

No more than 12 CEUS

This category includes attending exhibits and viewing posters.

Category 7 - Initial Advanced Certifications

No CEU limit

This category may include initial advanced certifications awarded during the first renewal as approved by the Commission on Dietetic Registration of the American Dietetic Association and the Certification Board for Nutrition Specialists.

The Board shall consider advanced recertification under Category 3.

Category 8 - Professional Leadership

No more than 6 CEUS

This category includes professional leadership, including, but not limited to, participation at professional association and regulatory board meetings.


Obtaining Board Approval for Continuing Education Activities.

To obtain approval by the Board of programs and activities qualifying for continuing education units, the program's sponsor or the licensee shall complete and submit the appropriate form, along with any required supporting documentation. The required supporting documentation includes the following items.

For a program attended, signed certification by a program leader or instructor of the licensee's credit hours of participation in the program by certificate, letter on letterhead stationery of the sponsoring agency, or official continuing education validation form of the sponsoring agency.

For publications, a copy of the title page and table of contents of a book or monograph, or a copy of a journal article;

For completion of academic course work from an accredited institution an official transcript indicating that the course was taken and completed.

Prior Approval of Programs and Activities. Contact the Board.

Subsequent Approval of Programs and Activities. When there has been no prior approval by the Board of the program or activity undertaken by the licensee for which the licensee seeks continuing education units, the licensee shall submit a request for approval of the program or activity to the Board, on the appropriate form, along with documentation which shows that the program meets the qualifications for continuing education credit and that the licensee attended the program.


Waiver of Documentation of Continuing Education Units.

If the Board determines that an applicant for licensure could not reasonably have anticipated the need for documentation of continuing education units at the time the work was completed, the Board may, in its discretion, consider any evidence produced by the applicant to substantiate that he has satisfied the requirements.