Environmental Micro Overview

Environmental Microbiology:  
The goal of the Environmental Microbiology Laboratory is to protect Maryland’s food, dairy and drinking water supply. The Environmental Microbiology Laboratory units include the following: Dairy Microbiology/Chemistry, Food/Shellfish Microbiology and Water Microbiology Laboratories.  Environmental Microbiology Laboratory monitors the presence indicator microorganisms and water-borne and food-borne pathogens. Examples include:
  • Drinking water
  • Swimming pools and natural bathing areas
  • Sewage plants and effluents
  • Foods, shellfish and dairy products
  • Bioterrorism testing and biotoxin surveillance
Environmental Microbiology Contacts:
Laboratory Phone Numbers
Water Microbiology Laboratory: 443-681-3960
Dairy Microbiology/Chemistry Laboratory: 443-681-3858
Food Microbiology Laboratory: 443-681-4574
Shellfish Laboratory: 443-681-4572
For any inquires, comments, or concerns, please contact:
Environmental Microbiology Laboratory Supervisor: Erinna Kinney, MPH; Phone: 443-681-3948