Effect October 1, 2018

All new (initial) licensure applicants will be required to provide attestation at the time of application for a new CDS prescribing permit, to the Office of Controlled Substance Administration ( OCSA) of completion of a Board approved course ( online acceptable) in prescribing and/or dispensing scheduled drugs. This is a requirement by the OCSA, if licensed by the Maryland Board of Podiatric Medical Examiners,

All questions about issuance of CDS permits for new licensees or renewing licensees, should be referred to the OCSA, the entity regulating these requirements and the issuance of the CDS permits.

OCSA: ​​​Office of ​Controlled Substances Administration
Local: 410-764-2890
Toll Free: (866) 240-7458
Fax Number: 410-358-1793
Web: https://health.maryland.gov/OCSA/Pages/home.aspx
Email:​ Maryland.OCSA@maryland.gov.​