​Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act: Maryland Community Health Resources Commission – Public Comments Solicited

In accordance with the Regulatory Review and Evaluation Act (RREA), State Government Article, §§10–130 — 10–139, the Maryland Department of Health is required to review any current regulation that has not been newly adopted or comprehensively amended in the past 8 years or that is not federally mandated.

The Maryland Community Health Resources Commission is responsible for the COMAR subtitles listed below that are scheduled for RREA review this year.  These chapters are being posted to invite public comment on the current regulations.  Specifically, stakeholders are invited to review the regulations and provide comments and feedback that ensure the regulations are necessary, supported by statutory authority and judicial opinion, or are not otherwise obsolete or in need of amendments. This posting is to assist the Commission in identifying interested stakeholders and to ensure participation in the review process.

The COMAR Regulations required to be reviewed:


10.45.01   Purpose and Definitions

10.45.02  Officers and Staff

10.45.03  Committees

10.45.04  Meetings

10.45.05  Community Health Resources

10.45.06  Community Health Resources Grants

10.45.07  Selection Criteria and Funding Priorities

10.45.08  Selection Process

10.45.09  Emergency Grant Funding​

Please submit comments by using the attached form​.

All comments must be submitted by June 15, 2018 by email to Edith Budd, Administrator at edith.budd@maryland.gov or to the Maryland Community Health Resources Commission, 45 Calvert St., Room 336, Annapolis, MD 21401.​