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    Integrating Behavioral Health Services in the Community (25 grants)

    Grantee Organization: Johns Hopkins Bayview
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 07-008 ($485,479)
    Grant Project Description:The CHRC grant provided comprehensive primary care services to people living with serious mental illness. Services included preventative medicine, health education, health coaching and counseling. Initial outcomes provided by the grantee indicated that patients who received intensive services from the program compared to those who were referred to their primary care provider experienced a reduction in smoking (33.8%), visits to the emergency room (34.8%), and high cholesterol (44%).
    Organization Contact Information: www.hopkinsbayview.org/psychiatry

    Grantee Organization: Montgomery County Department of Health and Human Services
    Jurisdiction Served:Montgomery County
    Grant and Amount: 07-009 ($491,854)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC grant supported the Under One Roof program which extended primary care services to individuals through the Department's Outpatient Addictions Program. The three-year CHRC grant to the Montgomery County DHHS served 1,840 individuals with nearly 4,000 primary care service visits. Services included comprehensive and coordinated care at the DHHS's Methadone Clinic, Drug Court Program and the Threshold Psychiatry Clinic. Furthermore, Under One Roof was able to provide podiatry specialty care to patients referred from any Community Health Link clinic in the county. It also served as a satellite clinic for the Gude Men's Shelter in Rockville.

    Grantee Organization: Tri-State Community Health Center
    Jurisdiction Served: Allegany County
    Grant and Amount: 07-010 ($395,578)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC three year grant located providers at Tri-State’s existing primary care health center location.The Core Service Agency (CSA) placed a trained case manager to provide referrals to psychiatric services, crisis beds, and outpatient addiction services.Grant funds provided a contractual psychiatrist at Tri-State two days a month to work specifically with patients suffering from mental illnesses and/or substance use disorders.This program provided services to 470 individuals with mental health or addictions services.
    Organization Contact Information: www.tschc.org

    Grantee Organization: Union Memorial Hospital
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 07-011 ($333,721)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant funded Burprenorphine Initiative program helped to implement an effective inpatient-to-outpatient transition program for burprenorphine (Suboxone) treatment to opiate addicted persons.Patients in the Burprenorphine Initiative program experienced a 23% reduction in visits to the emergency room and a 45% reduction in admissions to the hospital in the one year following treatment as compared to the one year prior to receiving treatment.
    Organization Contact Information: www.unionmemorial.org

    Grantee Organization: Walnut Street Community Health Center
    Jurisdiction Served: Washington County
    Grant and Amount: 07-012 ($339,125)
    Grant Project Description: CHRC grant funds supported the Improving Patient Care Program at WSCHC mental health facility.Funds contributed to equipment, training and staffing for two therapists, a part time psychiatrist, and two mental health assistants.Over the three year period of the grant, the IPC program enrolled 570 patients and conducted 6,594 patient visits.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.walnutstreetchc.org/

    Grantee Organization: Junction, Inc.
    Jurisdiction Served: Carroll County
    Grant and Amount: 08-014 ($109,000)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC's grant to Junction supported psychiatric services for chemically involved adolescents and young adults with a co-occurring mental health disorder.Services provided through this grant included psychiatric mental health consultations, and emergency psychiatric consultations.Over the one year life of the grant, Junction Inc. enrolled 172 patients with 489 visits.
    Organization Contact Information: www.junctioninc.org

    Grantee Organization: Harford County Health Department
    Grant and Amount: 08-015 ($484,237)
    Jurisdiction Served: Harford County
    Grant Project Descriptions:This CHRC grant supported substance abuse and mental health treatment for adjudicated individuals.Grant funds were utilized to support the costs of counselors and case management services.This grants provided health care services to over 1,000 individuals throughout the county.
    Organization Contact Information: www.harfordcountyhealth.com

    Grantee Organization: Way Station, Inc.
    Jurisdiction Served: Frederick
    Grant and Amount: #08-016 ($500,000)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC's supported a grant for two programs; the implementation of Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT) and a development of Dual-Diagnosis Capability as an organizational competency to better serve individuals with co-occurring substance addictions. Grant funds were utilized to support salary costs and training of staff in these methods.This program provided services to over 500 patients with over 26,000 visits to these patients.
    Organization Contact Information: www.waystationinc.org

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel Mental Health Agency
    Jurisdiction Served: Anne Arundel
    Grant and Amount: 08-028, ($355,000)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant supported services to assess, stabilize, and treat uninsured Anne Arundel County residents with co-occurring disorders who are in need of immediate services. Grant funds were utilized to hire and train patient advocates to place in emergency rooms to provide support services.This grant was able to assist more than 2,300 individuals over the two-year grant period.
    Organization Contact Information: www.aamentalhealth.org/

    Grantee Organization: Baltimore City Health Department - Substance Abuse Systems, Inc.
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 09-010 ($250,000)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant supported individuals with co-occurring disorders and criminal justice system involvement by establishing integrated, community-based treatment services using Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT).CHRC funding provided for the implementation of this innovative model and a practical lessons learned workshop for behavioral health care integration.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.bsasinc.org/

    Grantee Organization: Mid-Shore Mental Health System<
    Grant and Amount: 09-014 ($132,605)
    Jurisdiction Served: Talbot County
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant supported a telemedicine initiative which facilitated full family and community-based provider participation for Mid-shore youth enrolled in the 60-day inpatient substance use treatment at the Jackson Unit in Allegany County.This program enabled youth’s families to participate in treatment, who otherwise may not have due to transportation barriers.Grant funds were utilized to support personnel costs associated with the telemedicine initiative.This program provided services to 71 families with youth participating in the Jackson Unit.
    Organization Contact Information: www.msmhs.org

    Grantee Organization: Somerset Health Department
    Jurisdiction Served: Somerset County
    Grant and Amount:  09-017 ($400,000)
    Grant Project Description: This grant provided support for the integration of services for individuals with mental illness or co-occurring mental illness and substance abuse disorders.The program provided assessment and counseling services to individuals who have addictions and mental health related issues through a collaborative approach with three mental health treatment agencies: Eastern Shore Psychological, Maple Shade, and Lower Counties Community Services.Grant funds were utilized to support costs for telepsychiatry services.This program served 518 individuals and provided them with 8,221 visits.
    Organization Contact Information:http://www.somersethd.org/

    Grantee Organization: West Cecil Community Health Center
    Jurisdiction Served: Cecil, Harford
    Grant and Amount: 11-007 ($250,000)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC grant was awarded to integrate behavioral health care services at its primary care facility.Grant funds were utilized to support salary costs of a psychologist and psychiatrist that provide behavioral health care services on-site at the health center’s current primary care practice.The behavioral health care team consults with WCHC’s primary care providers to refer patients to services and work collaboratively to ensure comprehensive, integrated care to patients who need primary and behavioral health care services.
    Organization Contact Information: www.westcecilhealth.org/

    Grantee Organization: Baltimore County Health Department
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore Co.
    Grant and Amount: 11-008 ($350,000)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC grant provided case management services which begin while participants were still incarcerated and continued after they were released. Grant funds supported two case managers who were geographically distributed throughout the county.This program provided services for 344 individuals in the County.
    Organization Contact Information: www.baltimorecountymd.gov/agencies/health

    Grantee Organization: Prince George's Health Department
    Jurisdiction Served: Prince George's
    Grant and Amount: 11-009 ($210,000)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC three-year grant provided services for Adam’s House Re-Entry Program which offers ex-offenders assistance in successfully transitioning back to the community.They included behavioral and primary health care services, addiction services, life skills education, parenting development, employment services, and transportation assistance.Grant funds supported salaries for a mental health professional, a community developer, a counselor, a physician and a psychiatric community nurse at Adam’s House multi-service health facility.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.princegeorgescountymd.gov/health/

    Grantee Organization: Mosaic Community Services
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 11-010 $200,000
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant supported a two-year pilot program that integrated primary care services for individuals with a co-occurring mental health and substance abuse disorders.Grant funds were utilized to support the salary of a nurse practitioner who assessed the medical status and provided somatic health care services of patients, and a service coordinator connected patients with a primary care provider and assisted patients in keeping appointments.The grantee provided services to 316 new individuals.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.mosaicinc.org/

    Grantee Organization: People Encouraging People
    Jurisdiction Served: Multiple
    Grant and Amount: 11-011 ($250,000)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC grant was awarded to implement a primary and somatic care program with behavioral, rehabilitative and support services.Grant funds supported the costs of a nurse practitioner to implement the program.This program reported serving 368 new individuals with over 1,400 visits.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.peponline.org/aboutpep/

    Grantee Organization: Mobile Medical Inc.
    Jurisdiction Served: Montgomery
    Grant and Amount: 12-006 ($136,000)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant enabled the grantee to open a new primary care clinic in Rockville located with existing behavioral health care services provided by Montgomery County.Grant funds were utilized to support salary costs for this new clinic and the grantee reported providing services for 419 new patients.
    Organization Contact Information: www.mobilemedicalcare.org

    Grantee Organization: Lower Shore Clinic
    Jurisdiction Served: Lower Shore
    Grant and Amount: 12-007 ($240,000)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC grant added primary care services to an existing behavioral health care clinic, providing regular physicals, preventative services, and chronic disease management for individuals with an existing mental health or substance use disorder. Grant funds supported the operational costs for this expansion of services.The grantee reported serving 434 individuals and providing 1,468 visits for these individuals.
    Presentation by this grantee:  Presentation to the Maryland Rural Health Association Annual Conference, October 2015​ 
    Organization Contact Information: www.gogettersinc.org/lowershoreclinic.htm

    Grantee Organization: Way Station, Inc.
    Jurisdiction Served: Frederick, Washington, and Howard Counties
    Grant and Amount: 12-012 ($170,000)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant enables Way Station to pilot a new service model integrating three evidenced-based practices to improve the effectiveness of behavioral health care and primary care services for low-income individuals with serious and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders.Grant funds were utilized to support operational and administrative costs to implement this practice.The program served 736 patients annually in three jurisdictions.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.waystationinc.org/

    Grantee Organization: Walden Sierra, Inc.
    Jurisdiction Served: Southern Maryland
    Grant and Amount: 12-013 ($250,000)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant enable Walden Sierra to co-locate behavioral health services with primary care partners, serving low-income and uninsured individuals.Walden partnered with Greater Baden Medical Services, a federally qualified health center, and Medstar/St., Mary's Hospital System to provide primary care and clinical space for Walden Sierra.The grantee reported providing services for 549 individuals and 875 visits.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.waldensierra.org/

    Grantee Organization: Mary's Center for Maternal and Child Care, Inc.
    Jurisdiction Served: Prince George's and Montgomery Counties
    Grant and Amount: 12-014 ($198,318)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant integrated behavioral health care at the Mary’s Center's primary care services locations in Silver Spring and Adelphi.Grant funds were utilized to support initial salary costs for a primary care provider at both sites.The program provided services to 4,394 individuals and provided through 9,386 visits.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.maryscenter.org/

    Grantee Organization: Mental Health Association of Frederick
    Jurisdiction Served: Frederick
    Grant and Amount:  09-017 ($400,000) 14-012 ($325,000)
    Grant Project Description: This three year CHRC grant seeks to expand access to behavioral health care services in the region and reduce behavioral-health related hospital emergency department visits at Frederick Memorial Hospital. CHRC grant funds are utilized to expand the hours of a new behavioral health urgent care/walk-in service available to residents regardless of ability to pay or health insurance status.
    Organization Contact Information: www.fcmha.org

    Grantee Organization: Mosaic
    Jurisdiction: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 14-013 ($550,000)
    Grant Project Description: This two year CHRC grant will promote access to bi-directional, integrated health care by co-locating Mosaic behavioral health professionals and Baltimore Medical Systems (BMS) primary care services in four clinic locations. CHRC grant funds are utilized to support two physicians and two full time care managers to implement the integrated model at two BMS locations and two Mosaic locations. Services include somatic, case management, addiction and behavioral health programs.
    Organization Contact Information: www.mosaic.org

    Grantee Organization: Worcester County Health Department
    Jurisdiction: Worcester
    Grant and Amount: 14-014 ($600,000)
    Grant Project Description: This three year CHRC grant seeks to develop an integrated behavioral health unit in Worcester County by adding access to primary care services in an existing behavioral health facility that provides screening and preventive services. CHRC grant funds are utilized to support the salary costs of one nurse practitioner, one community health nurse, one health services clerk and one community health worker. The new unit provides team-based care and access to publicly supported psychiatrists and therapists.
    Organization Contact Information: www.worcesterhealth.org