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    Anne Arundel County - 12 Grants

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
    Focus Area: Diabetes and Food Security
    Grant and Amount: 20-028 ($200,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This program by the Anne Arundel County Health Department seeks to expand the capacity of the current food pantry in the county's largest food desert area, increase support for the farmer's market, and support a new, second food pantry in partnership with a community organization in Brooklyn Park. An existing program, with funding support from the CHRC, enjoys broad support through association with community and county partners and volunteers. Improving diabetes outcomes will be achieved through better nutrition and healthier food choices, addressing obesity, and use of diabetes disease prevention and management education. 
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.aahealth.org/​​

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel Medical Center
    Project Name: Anne Arundel Medical Center's Community Health Center
    Focus Area: Behavioral Health
    Grant and Amount: 19-024 ($322,000) 
    Grant Project Description: 
    This project supports Wellness Connections, a collaborative, integrated care program for individuals seen at AAMC with untreated/ undertreated mental health needs and substance use disorders in partnership with Arundel Lodge. The project will serve individuals with co-occurring disorders who are best served through integrated treatment which allows practitioners to address mental and substance use disorders at the same time, often lowering costs and creating better outcomes. Vulnerable patients with both medical and mental health needs will see greater continuity of care at AAMC and the community as they will be receiving tailored services with the right level care.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.aahs.org/healthcenter/index.php

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Mental Health Agency
    Focus Area: Behavioral Health
    Grant and Amount: 18-013 ($500,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This project would expand the existing, innovative “Safe Stations” initiative through the addition of another mobile crisis team in Anne Arundel County to serve more individuals. The Safe Stations Initiative allows any individual with Substance Use Disorders seeking treatment to walk into any County police or fire station to seek assistance. The new mobile crisis team would link those seeking treatment to recovery services, care coordination, and peer support.
    Organization Contact Information: www.aamentalhealth.org/

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
    Focus Area: Obesity and Food Security
    Grant and Amount: 18-015 ($120,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This project focuses on increasing access to healthy foods and provides information about healthy cooking in Brooklyn Park. The project would provide access to nutritious, shelf-stable food options, fresh vegetables and fruit, as well as English and Spanish nutrition and cooking skills education. Transportation to the food pantry and classes would be made available, as well as technical assistance for four Anne Arundel County public schools and two community organizations via free/subsidized community-supported agriculture. 
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.aahealth.org/​​

    Grantee Organization: Robert A Pascal Youth and Family Services 
    Focus Area: Behavioral Health
    Grant and Amount: 17-006 ($225,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supports the establishment of a new stabilization center located on the grounds of the former state psychiatric hospital in Crownsville.  The project will emphasize serving individuals who are identified by EMS or law enforcement; this program does not currently exist in Anne Arundel County.  Stabilization services will be co-located with Gaudenzia Addiction and Recovery Services, one of the larger behavioral health service providers in the state, and the project will increase access to substance use treatment services. Grant funds will be used for salaries of clinicians who will staff the center.
    Organization Contact Information: https://pascalcsi.org/​

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
    Focus Area: Dental
    Grant and Amount: 17-014 ($200,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This two-year grant is being used to expand access to emergency dental services for low-income adults in Anne Arundel County, with a particular emphasis on diverting preventable dental-related ED visits. The target population is low-income Medicare and Medicaid adults. The project will build on the existing REACH Program in Anne Arundel by linking patients with private dentists and building the capacity of the existing dental clinic(s) at the Health Department to serve more residents. CHRC grant funding is being utilized to support the salary of a dental patient navigator and to provide discounted costs for dental services to program participants. 
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.aahealth.org/​

    Grantee Organization: Omni House Behavioral Health System
    Focus Area: Information Technology 
    Grant and Amount: 12-015, ($150,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported implementation of an electronic medical records system at Omni House's Day Program, offices and clinic. Grant funds were utilized to purchase the software needed for each of the program locations. 
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.omnihouse.org/

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
    Focus Area: Childhood Obesity
    Grant and Amount: LHIC 12-004 ($25,000) 
    Grant Project Description: The Healthy Anne Arundel Coalition utilized CHRC grant funding to support initiatives designed to increase healthy food consumption, promote physical activity, and decrease obesity among adults and children.  Grant funding supported the implementation of the “Eat Healthier/Move More” program, which engaged more than 1,000 community residents, and the Healthy Anne Arundel Action Plan for Obesity, which resulted in a six-week Family Fitness Challenge that engaged 248 employees of the Health Department.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.aahealth.org/

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel Medical Center
    Project Name: Anne Arundel Medical Center's Community Health Center
    Focus Area: Primary Care
    Grant and Amount: 11-013 ($150,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supported the expansion of access to primary care services at a new health care clinic in Anne Arundel County. The clinic offered primary care, specialty and diagnostic referrals, case management, and bilingual services on a sliding-fee scale. Grant funds were utilized to support operation and administrative costs for expansion of services. The grantee reported serving 6,168 patients and provided over 21,000 visits over the duration of the grant.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.aahs.org/healthcenter/index.php

    Grantee Organization: Community Health Integrated Partnership
    Grant and Amount: 08-013, ($1,000,000) 
    Focus Area: Information Technology 
    Grant Project Description:  This two-year grant supported the Community Health Integrated Partnership (CHIP), which is a Maryland health center controlled network. CHRC funded CHIP's electronic health record system (EHRS) project which included 36 sites across seven federally qualified health center organizations in Maryland. 

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel Mental Health Agency 
    Focus Area: Behavioral Health 
    Grant and Amount: 08-028, ($355,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported services to assess, stabilize, and treat uninsured Anne Arundel County residents with co-occurring disorders who are in need of immediate services. Patient services were delivered by a team including mobile crisis personnel, patient advocates and case managers. Grant funds were utilized to support staff salaries and training. The grantee reported serving 2,355 patients over the duration of the grant.
    Organization Contact Information: www.aamentalhealth.org/

    Grantee Organization: Anne Arundel County Department of Health 
    Grant and Amount: 07-002 ($450,000) 
    Focus Area: Dental 
    Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supported the “Residents Access to a Coalition of Health (REACH” program which links low-income uninsured county residents to a network of primary care and specialist providers who provide services on a sliding fee scale. Grant funds were utilized to support the costs of opening a new dental clinic in Glen Burnie that provided basic dental care at reduced rates to individuals enrolled in the REACH program. This clinic allowed for Anne Arundel to provide dental services to an additional 1,300 individuals over the duration of the grant. 
    Organization Contact Information: www.aahealth.org​​