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    Preventing Avoidable Hospital Utilization (11 grants)

    Grantee Organization: Chase Brexton Health Services Inc.
    Grant and Amount: 07-005 ($200,000)
    Jurisdiction Served: Howard County
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant to Chase Brexton assisted in reducing unnecessary visits to the emergency department at Howard County General Hospital by placing outreach workers in the emergency room to help patients connect to a Chase Brexton health center location for follow-up care.Funds also used to support personnel costs and to implement a digital interface between the hospital and Chase Brexton.This resulted in more efficient follow-up by the health center for patients receiving care in the emergency room but who needed a regular primary care provider.The grant allowed for over 600 patients to receive services and provided for over 900 patient visits.
    Organization Contact Information: www.chasebrexton.org

    Grantee Organization: Frederick Community Action Agency
    Jurisdiction Served: Frederick County
    Grant Amount: #07-006 ($353,585)
    Grant Project Description: This CHRC grant funded the Access to Care Program provided primary health care services for adults and children that are uninsured and are low-income.CHRC grant funds were utilized to support salary costs for staff to implement this program. This grant allowed for 1,324 patients to be served and provided these patients with 3,740 visits.
    Organization Contact Information: www.cityoffrederick.com/Index.aspx?NID=183

    Grantee Organization: Atlantic General Hospital
    Grant and Amount: 08-021 ($355,000)
    Jurisdiction Served: Worcester County
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC grant enabled the health center to integrate behavioral health care services with its existing primary care services, targeting individuals using the hospital's emergency department for behavioral health issues.Grant funds were utilized to support personnel costs and to provide funds for capital improvements.Atlantic General reported a 30% decrease in emergency room use by patients utilizing the behavioral health care services at the Atlantic Health Center in the one-year after services were initialized.They also leveraged and additional $30,000 in private and federal funds to contribute to the sustainability of the program.
    Organization Contact Information: www.atlanticgeneral.org/

    Grantee Organization: Total Health Care
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 08-022 ($100,250)
    Grant Project Description: The CHRC's grant implemented strategies to reduce ED visits for non-emergency conditions by clients accessing Maryland General Hospital's ED.The grantee placed Outreach Coordinators in the hospital's ED during peak usage hours to educate patients on appropriate ED use and to assist patients in connecting with a primary care provider.The grantee reported an 8% reduction in ED visits at Maryland General Hospital from the year prior to the grant's implementation.
    Organization Contact Information: www.totalhealthcare.org

    Grantee Organization: University of Maryland Dept. of Fam. Medicine
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 08-023 ($499,749)
    Grant Project Description: CHRC’s grant supported the Better Access to Care (BAC) program which established a medical home for patients who utilized the University’s ED with non-urgent needs, implemented a referral program with the emergency department and other area community organizations, and applied the Chronic Care Model for patients with diabetes, depression and asthma.CHRC grant funds were used to support a nurse practitioner, a social worker and an administrative position.Better Access to Care measured its ED non-urgent visit reduction by 1,045 visits through the life of the program.
    Organization Contact Information: www.medschool.umaryland.edu/familymedicine

    Grantee Organization: Upper Chesapeake Health
    Grant and Amount: 08-024 ($485,743)
    Jurisdiction Served: Harford County
    Grant Project Description: CHRC grant funds assisted Upper Chesapeake Health (UCH) in developing a comprehensive plan to redirect uninsured patients away from using emergency rooms for non-emergent visits and towards finding a medical home with the Upper Chesapeake HealthLink Primary Care Clinic.CHRC funding directly supported two RNs and a CHW as well as supporting a Clinic Coordinator. During the three year grant period, 2,487 patients were served by the HealthLink PCC.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.uchs.org/

    Grantee Organization: Health Care for the Homeless
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grants and Amount: 14-009 ($140,000)
    Grant Project Description: Health Care for the Homeless provides health-related services, education and advocacy to reduce the incidence and burdens of homelessness. The grant supports an emergency department diversion/referral program targeted homeless individuals in Baltimore City that utilized hospital emergency departments in high rates and to establish a “medical home” for these individuals.
    Organization Contact Information: www.hchmd.org

    Grantee Organization: Health Care Access Maryland
    Jurisdiction Served:  Baltimore City
    Grants and Amount:  14-011 ($800,000)
    Grant Project Description:   Health Care Access Maryland is a nonprofit agency that helps residents enroll in public health care coverage and navigate the complex health care system. This three year CHRC grant program targets individuals with chronic disease conditions who frequently utilize hospital emergency departments and promotes access to primary and preventative care services in the community. Grant funds will support new ED diversion teams deployed in two hospitals in Baltimore City (Sinai and Northwest Hospitals).
    Organization Contact Information: www.healthcareaccessmaryland.org

    Grantee Organization: Harford County Health Department
    Jurisdiction Served: Harford County
    Grant and Amount: 15-008 ($320,000)
    Grant Project Description: This three-year CHRC grant provides funding to continue the partnership between Harford Health Department and Upper Chesapeake Health (UCH) to identify high-risk, high-cost populations and would "integrate" the care coordination efforts of Harford Health Department with disease management efforts of UCH. Grant funds are utilized to cover the salary costs of five employees: (1) 1 FTE nurse care manager stationed at Beacon Health (which is operated by West Cecil); (2) 1 FTE nurse care manager to serve high-risk families with drug-exposed newborns; (3) 1 FTE nurse care manager for non-Medicaid patients with psychosocial needs; and (4) Two 0.5 FTE peer recovery specialists. The grant requests 95% of the overall project cost, with in-kind support being offered from UCH and Beacon Health
    Organization Contact Information: http://harfordcountyhealth.com/

    Grantee Organization: Union Memorial Hospital
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount: 15-009 ($150,000)
    Grant Project Description: This two-year grant award involves a hospital-community partnership to support a new FQHC site operated by Total Health Care in the service territory (21218) formerly served by People's FQHC, which closed last this year. The grant estimates serving 3,000 residents from Baltimore City (the Greenmount-East, Waverly, and Belair-Edison neighborhoods) who are chronically ill and who are frequent users of the hospital ED and inpatient services. Grant funding covers the salary costs of 1 FTE patient navigator and 1 FTE social worker. The grant does not request the full cost of the new site, and the proposal leverages significant additional resources from the hospital (lead applicant) and from additional grant support.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.medstarunionmemorial.org/#q

    Grantee Organization: HealthCare Access Maryland
    Jurisdiction Served: Baltimore City
    Grant and Amount:15-011 ($555,000)
    Grant Project Description: This three-year CHRC grant provides funding for a project that involves a partnership with Family Health Centers of Baltimore (FHCB), and would target frequent ED utilizers at Mercy Hospital. Grant funding is utilized to cover salary costs of four FTEs: 1 FTE program manager (Masters level); 1 FTE care coordinator; 1 FTE care coordinator/peer support specialist; and 1 0.05 FTE program director.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.healthcareaccessmaryland.org/