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    Frederick County - 10 Grants

    Grantee Organization: Frederick Health Hospital 
    Focus Area: Primary Care
    Grant and Amount: 20-002 ($175,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This program will support and expand a care coordination service program for low-income seniors living in single-unit housing who typically present with complex health and social service needs. The program will provide an array of services and care coordination that will enable these residents to continue living at home and avoid hospital utilization. The program will be jointly implemented by the Frederick Health System and Frederick County Aging Department. Implementation of this project could provide a worthwhile blueprint for other jurisdictions looking to prepare for its aging population.
    Organization Contact Information: Frederick Health Hospital​​​

    Grantee Organization: Frederick Memorial Hospital 
    Focus Area: Obesity and Food Security 
    Grant and Amount: 18-020 ($150,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This project would implement the evidence
    based '5210 Campaign,' which is a nationally recognized childhood obesity prevention program. The project involves multiple intervention strategies to fight obesity which would engage the Frederick County Public School System. 
    Organization Contact Information: www.fmh.org​​

    Grantee Organization: Frederick Memorial Hospital 
    Focus Area: Dental
    Grant and Amount: 15-003 ($135,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This three-year grant involves a partnership between Frederick Memorial Hospital and the University of Maryland Dental School (UMD), and seeks to reduce dental-related ED visits, which have increased over the last three years at Frederick Memorial. The applicant is utilizing funding to open a dental clinic. Grant funding is being utilized to cover a portion of overall costs of the new dental clinic (total project cost is $1.8 million over three years). Frederick Memorial will provide facility and operational expenses, and UMD has agreed to use the clinic as a rotational practicum site. UMD will provide faculty oversight of students. 
    Organization Contact Information: www.fmh.org

    Grantee Organization: Frederick Community Action Agency 
    Focus Area: Dental
    Grant and Amount: 14-007 ($240,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supports the provision of oral health care services to disadvantaged and low-income children and adults in Frederick County. The program also provides oral health education to participants. Grant funds are being utilized to support the salaries of project staff.
    Organization Contact Information: www.cityoffrederick.com/Index.aspx?NID=183​

    Grantee Organization: Mental Health Association of Frederick
    Focus Area: Behavioral Health 
    Grant and Amount: 14-012 ($325,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This three-year grant seeks to expand access to behavioral health care services in the region and reduce behavioral-health related hospital emergency department visits at Frederick Memorial Hospital. The grantee has expanded the hours of a new behavioral health urgent care/walk-in service to available to residents regardless of ability to pay or health insurance status. Grant funds are being utilized to support staff salaries. 
    Organization Contact Information: www.fcmha.org

    Grantee Organization: Way Station, Inc.
    Focus Area: Behavioral Health
    Grant and Amount: 12-012 ($170,000)
    Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported a new service model integrating three evidenced-based practices to improve the effectiveness of behavioral health care and primary care services for low-income individuals with serious and persistent mental illness and co-occurring disorders. The program implemented the Missouri Health Home Model, adding primary care professionals to community mental health teams. Grant funds were utilized to support operational and administrative costs. The program served 736 patients annually in three jurisdictions over the duration of the grant and helped lay the groundwork for the State’s Behavioral Health Homes program. There are now 75 Behavioral Health Homes in the State.
    Organization Contact Information: http://www.waystationinc.org/

    Grantee Organization: Frederick County Health Department 
    Focus Area: Primary Care
    Grant and Amount: LHIC 12-010 ($25,000) 
    Grant Project Description: The Frederick County Health Care Coalition’s Local Health Improvement Plan focused on six priorities identified by community stakeholders in October 2011: 1) mental health, 2) affordable dental care, 3) access to care, 4) wellness and prevention, 5) health inequities, and 6) early childhood growth and development.  The CHRC grant funding was utilized to support strategies to address each of these priority areas, such as supporting the development of a suicide prevention kit to promote depression screening by pediatricians, providing education and resources to address the health care needs of residents with limited English proficiency, and providing direct care coordination services to individuals most in need of health care.
    Organization Contact Information: http://health.frederickcountymd.gov/

    Grantee Organization: Frederick County Health Department
    Focus Area: Primary Care
    Grant and Amount: 09-006 ($464,785)
    Grant Project Description: This two-year grant supported the opening of the Hillcrest Elementary school based health center in 2009.This grant supported primary care services, links for students and families to medical homes, oral health screenings and dental fluoride varnishes. In 2011, the Frederick County Health Department transferred this grant to the Frederick Community Action Agency (FCAA), which expanded the program to two additional schools in the jurisdiction; Lincoln Elementary and Waverly Elementary and linked students and families in need of care to FCAA's clinic.
    Organization Contact Information: www.cityoffrederick.com/Index.aspx?NID=183

    Grantee Organization: Way Station, Inc. 
    Focus Area: Behavioral Health
    Grant and Amount: 08-016 ($500,000) 
    Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supported the implementation of Integrated Dual Disorders Treatment (IDDT) and the development of Dual-Diagnosis Capability to better serve individuals with co-occurring substance addictions. Grant funds were utilized to support staff salary costs and training. This program provided services to over 500 patients through 26,000 visits over the duration of the grant. 
    Organization Contact Information: www.waystationinc.org​

    Grantee Organization: Frederick Community Action Agency 
    Focus Area: Primary Care 
    Grant Amount: 07-006 ($353,585) 
    Grant Project Description: This three-year grant supported the Access to Care Program which provided primary health care services to low-income, uninsured adults and children in Frederick County. CHRC grant funds were utilized to support salary costs for staff to implement this program. This grant allowed for 1,324 patients to be served and provided these patients with 3,740 visits in ambulatory care settings.
    Organization Contact Information: www.cityoffrederick.com/Index.aspx?NID=183​​​