Queen Anne’s County - 3 Grants

Grantee Organization: Corsica River Mental Health Services
Grant and Amount: 20-010 ($215,000)
Focus Area: Primary Services 
Grant Project Description: The Care Connections program will support a care transition team to provide services to individuals following hospital discharge. The Care Connections Team will conduct comprehensive health assessments and develop a person-centered care plan within 2 to 3 days of hospital discharge.  The Team will use Motivational Interviewing, Illness Management Recovery, a Wellness Recovery Action Plan and Family Psychoeducation practices to initiate and maintain participant engagement. The program plans to use the GoMo Health Concierge mobile application to encourage participants to take a proactive approach to managing their care, and deliver personalized text messages about nutrition, health, exercise and emotional support. The program will also support individuals from Caroline, Dorchester, Kent and Talbot counties.  

Organization Contact Information: Corsica River Mental Health Services​​​

Grantee Organization: Queen Anne’s Health Department 
Grant(s) and Amount(s): 08-027 ($82,597)
Focus Area: Primary Care 
Grant Project Description: This one-year grant supported the Mom Movers Program, which provided the resources for prenatal care for uninsured and undocumented foreign-born women with less than five years of residency in the United States. In addition, the program provided transportation to and from medical appointments as well as linkages to other resources in the community. This program provided services and education to 88 women through 850 prenatal visits over the duration of the grant. 
Organization Contact Information: Queen Anne's County Department of Health​