The Commission

The Mission of the Commission of Kidney Disease is to protect the citizens of Maryland and to promote quality health care in the field of nephrology and transplantation by:

  • Certifying dialysis and transplant centers
  • Receiving and resolving complaints from the public, patients, courts, employers, employees, insurance companies, other centers regarding the health care providers in the center who may have violated the Commission's law (Annotated Code of Maryland, Health General Article, Title 13) and its regulations found at COMAR 10.30.01; and
  • Setting standards for the practice of chronic dialysis and transplantation that reflect new and emergent developments in the practice of chronic dialysis and kidney transplantation through regulations and legislation.


Commission Members


Commission Members

The Commission consists of twelve members appointed by the Governor with the advice of the Secretary.

Seven of the Commission members are licensed Healthcare Providers, one is a Renal Administrator (CPA), and the remaining four members are consumers/public members.

Adam Berliner, MD - Chairman
Sumeska Thavarajah, MD - Vice Chairman
Jacqueline Hires,, LCSW NSW-C
Jeremy Yospin, MD
Donna Hanes, MD
Susan Leon, RN
Andrene Townsend, RN
Tisha Guthrie, LMSW
Raymond Harris
Sonal Korgaonkar, MD
Nadiesda Costa, MD
Jerome Chiat

Legislative and Regulatory Committee

Jeremy Yospin, MD, Chairman
Tisha Guthrie, Vice-Chairperson