Guidance for Public Comment

Any member of the public who would like to provide input to the Midwives Workgroup can do so during the “Public Comment” portion of any Workgroup meeting. Public comment should focus on items on the meeting agenda and/or discussion points between members during the meeting. Members of the public who wish to submit written materials, including prepared statements for consideration by the workgroup, may submit these materials in advance to Maura Dwyer at or bring copies that can be distributed at the Workgroup meeting.

The chair may limit the length of an individual’s oral public comment to a couple of minutes in order to accommodate others who wish to provide oral public comment. Therefore, individuals who bring written statements and who provide oral public comment are encouraged not to read from the statements but instead to highlight a few key points that are relevant to the agenda and discussion.

In both oral and written public comment, members of the public are encouraged to disclose the organization they represent if their comments are related to their affiliated organization.