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    FY 2006 Transmittals

    Provider Type #
    PT 1-06 07/12/05 Pharmacy Transmittal No. 177 Changes to Pharmacy Co-payment for Prescriptions
    PT 2-06 07/13/05 Living at Home: Maryland Community Choices Transmittal No.9; Older Adults Waiver Transmittal No.14; Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder No. 6 Reportable Event Policy and Procedure
    PT 3-06 07/14/05 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 194 Fiscal Year 2006 Interim Rates for the Period July 1, 2005 - August 31, 2005
    PT 4-06 0714/05 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 195 Billing for Medicare Part A Coinsurance for Dates of Service Effective July 1, 2005
    PT 5-06 07/22/05 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 52 Fiscal Year 2006 Per Diem Rate
    PT 6-06 07/26/05 Hospital Transmittal No. 191 Administrative Day Rates
    PT 7-06 07/26/05 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 53 Continued Stay Reviews
    PT 8-06 07/28/05 Medical Supply and Equipment Transmittal No. 58

    Adoption of Amendments to Disposable Medical Supplies/Durable Equipment Services

    Fiscal Year 2006 Per Diem Rate

    PT 9-06 08/12/05 Managed Care Organization Transmittal No. 60

    Emergency and Proposed Amendments to HealthChoice Regulations

    PT 10-06 08/16/05 Audiology Transmittal No. 3 EPSDT: Audiology Services Regulation Amendments (COMAR 10.09.51)
    PT 11-06 08/18/05 Living at Home: Maryland Community Choices Transmittal No. 10; Older Adults Waiver Transmittal No. 15; Waiver for children with Autism Spectrum Disorder No. 7 Hourly Units of Waiver Services
    PT 12-06 09/19/05 Home Health Transmittal No.42 Preauthorization
    PT 13-06 10/17/05 Personal Care Services Transmittal No. 42 Adoption of Amendments to COMAR 10.09.20 Personal Care Services
    PT 14-06 09/21/05 Type # Nursing Home Transmittal No. 196 FY 2006 Interim Rates for Sept 1, 2005 - June 30, 2006
    PT 15-06 10/17/05 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 54 Provider Enrollment and Level of Care after Ownership Transfers
    PT 16-06 11/22/05 Pharmacy Transmittal #178


    Medicare Part D Drug Coverage and Pharmacy Benefit Changes in Medicaid and Maryland Pharmacy Program
    PT 17-06 11/30/05 Hospital Transmittal #192 Fee-for-Service Hospital Day Limits
    PT 18-06 12/7/05 Medical Supply and Equipment Transmittal No. 59 Home Assessments for Durable Medical Equipment
    PT 19-06 12/7/05 Provider Type #: Medical Supply and Equipment Transmittal No. 60 Reimbursement for Customized Equipment
    PT 20-06 12/5/05 Pharmacy Transmittal No. 179 Termination of Coverage of Drugs to Treat Erectile Dysfunction
    PT 21-06 01/06/06


    Nursing Home Transmittal #197 FY 06 Amendments to Nursing Facility Services Regulations and State Plan
    PT 22-06 01/25/06


    Nursing Home Transmittal #198 Reimbursement for the Cost of Saline and Heparin in IV Therapy
    PT 23-06 02/28/06 Nursing Home Transmittal #199


    Proposed Amendments to Nursing Facility Services Regulations; Extension of Expiration Date for Interim Working Capital Fund
    PT 24-06 03/09/06 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 200; Pharmacy Transmittal No. 180 Retroactive Eligibility Determination and Medicare Part D Excluded Drug Coverage
    PT 25-06 03/31/06 Employed Individuals with Disabilities Transmittal No.1 New Employed Individuals with Disabilities Program (EID)
    PT 26-06 03/31/06 Primary Adult Care Transmittal No.1 Primary Adult Care Program (PAC)
    PT 27-06 04/07/06 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 201 Guidance Concerning the Completion of DHMH 2129, 'Report of
    Administrative Days'
    PT 28-06 04/11/06 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 202 Utilization control criteria for ventilator patients
    PT 29-06 06/01/06 Provider Type #: Pharmacy Transmittal No. 181 Primary Adult Care (PAC) Program
    PT 30-06 06/14/06 Hospital Transmittal No. 193 Fee-for-Service Hospital Day Limits
    PT 31-06 06/19/06 Living at Home Waiver Program Transmittal No. 11 Fisal Year 2007 Program Rate Increases
    PT 32-06 06/19/06 Waiver for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder Transmittal No. 8 Fiscal Year 2007 Program Rate Increases
    PT 33-06 06/19/06 Waiver for Older Adults Transmittal No. 16 Fiscal Year 2007 Program Rate Increases and Changes to Waiver Services
    PT 34-06 06/20/06 Medical Day Care Transmittal No. 55 Fiscal Year 2007 Per Diem Rate
    PT 35-06 07/03/06 Model Waiver Program Transmittal No. 23; EPSDT: Private Duty Nursing Services Transmittal No. 10; Home Health Transmittal No. 43 Amendment to COMAR 10.09.53 Early and Periodic Screening, Diagnosis, and Treatment: Private Duty Nursing
    PT 36-06 06/26/06 Nursing Home Transmittal No. 203 Fiscal Year 2007 Interim Rates
    PT 37-06 06/28/06 Medical Supply and Equipment Transmittal No. 61 Proposed Amendments to Disposable Medical Supplies/Durable Medical Equipment Services
    PT 38-06 06/30/06 Physicians' Transmittal No. 130 Proposed Amendments to Physicians' Services, COMAR 10.09.02