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    Archived Transmittals


    DHR-DHMH ACTION Transmittals/CARES Bulletins & Information Memos


    Control Number


    Date issued Effective date
    Postponement of AT 10-16 ABD Disability Determination Procedures 1/22/10 1/22/10
    AT 10-17 Long Term Care Facility Stay for Less Than 30 Days or Medicare Co-Pay Days Upon Receipt 1/5/10
    AT 10-18 Child Support Referrals Upon Receipt 1/5/10
    AT 10-22 LDSS, LHD & DEWS Policy Eliminating Mandatory Face-To-Face Interview for Applicants/Recipients in an ABD Coverage Group Immediately 3/3/10
    AT 10-23 No Change in 2010 Federal Poverty Level (FPL) for MA Coverage Groups Upon Receipt 3/17/10
    AT 10-24 Elimination of the Eight-Month Time Limit for Iraqi and Afghan Special Immigrants Immediately 3/15/10
    AT 10-27 Confirming Citizenship and Identity Using SVES May 7, 2010 Immediately Upon Receipt
    AT 10-28 New QMB/SLMB Resource Standards 5/5/10 Upon Receipt
    AT 10-29 Maryland Children's Health Program (MCHP); Medical Assistance May 12, 2010 Upon Receipt
    AT 10-31 Accelerated Certification of Eligibility (ACE) - LDSS & LHD Procedures for Prioritizing & Accelerating the Medicaid Eligibility Process for Pregnant Women Applying to Medicaid 5/21/10 Immediately
    AT 11-02 Using Telephone Interviews as an Alternative to Face-To-Face Interviews July 28, 2010 June 29, 2010
    AT 11-03 Puerto Rico Invalidates All Birth Certificates Issued Prior to October 1, 2010 September 7, 2010 October 1, 2010
    AT 11- 12 Accelerated Certification of eligibility (ACE) - LDSS and LHD procedures for prioritizing and accelerating the Medicaid eligibility process for pregnant women applying for Medicaid December 1, 2010 Immediately
    AT 11- 13 LDSS and DEWS Procedures for applicants and recipients filling for disability in an ABD coverage group December 13, 2010 December 1, 2010
    AT 11-18 Long term care redeterminations March 11, 2011 March 14, 2011
    AT 11-19 Medical assistance eligibility determinations for children in and leaving the care and custody of Department of Juvenile Services March 14, 2011 April 1, 2011
    AT 11-26 Procedural Changes for the look back period for long term care applications and determinations May 3, 2011 May 2, 2011
    AT 11-27 Disregarding federal income tax refunds as income or resources May 17, 2011 Immediately
    AT 11-31 Assistance to refugees and asylees: Public private partnerships and medical assistance eligibility June 30, 2011 Upon Receipt
    AT 12-01 Missing and invalid Social Security numbers July 21, 2011 Upon Receipt
    AT 12-02 New long term care application and redetermination August 4, 2011 Immediately
    AT 12-08 MCHP Premium Eligibility Process for Re-determinations August 15, 2011 Upon Receipt
    AT 12-10 Procedures for Piramid Pre-view October 4, 2011 October 1, 2011
    AT 12-11 Procedure changes for undocumented or unqualified aliens (x02 coverage group)
    November 1, 2011
    AT 12-12 Social Security (RDSI) and SSI Cost-of-Living Increase and Related Increases October 28, 2011 January 1, 2012
    IM 11-04 Continuing Current MCHP Restrictions for Employer-Based Insurance Coverage September 8, 2010 Upon Receipt
    IM 11-05 Compliance Issues from Medicaid Audit Findings September 8, 2010 Upon Receipt
    IM 11-15 National Voter Registration Act (NVRA) tips an questions and answers December 21, 2010 Upon Receipt
    IM 11-22 Mailing address change for LTC Processor April 7, 2011 Upon Receipt
    IM 12-03 Applications for prison inmates prior to release - updated lists of local department liaisons and department of public safety social work contacts August 24, 2011 Upon Receipt
    IM 12-05 Compliance Issues from Medicaid Audit Finding 8/30/11    Upon Receipt
    IM 12-20      P-track eligibility testing for children up to 21       4/10/11         Upon Receipt
                              and pregnant women in the for X01 coverage
    IM 12-24      Declaratory information included in an                5/16/12      Upon Receipt
    AT 13-06     Medical Assistance Eligibility Procedures for         12/7/12      Upon Receipt      
                             Incarcerated Individuals
    AT 13-13     Procedural changes for expediting Long Term       5/16/13       Upon Receipt
                             Care (LTC) and Home and Community Based
                             Services(HCBS) Waivers for Supplemental
                             Security Income (SSI) recipients and Commuity-
                             eligible individuals
    AT14-04      Spend-down and MHC                                        10/11/13      Upon Receipt
    AT 14-12     Long Term Care with Waiver Services                  3/11/14       Immediately