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    LTSSMaryland Training

    LTSS Po​​rtal 

    **This website is intended for users of the LTSSMaryand system. If you are interested in learning more about Maryland Home and Community-Based Service programs please visit the Home and Community-Based Services homepage at mmcp.health.maryland.gov/waiverprograms/Pages/Home.aspx​

    LTSS is a web based, participant centered, tracking system for case management. LTSS includes up to date information on individual participants and allows for secure service coordination for case management and provider entities. 

    ​ Table of Contents

    Click on the area of interest below to go to training for that topic or user group.

    General – All LTSS Users​

    • General information about LTSS

    Participant Case Management 

    • ​CO/CFC Supports Planner
    • DDA Coordinators of Community Service (CCS) 
    • ​​DDA Eligibility Determination Division (EDD)
    • DDA Regional Office (RO)
    • Rare and Expensive Case Management (REM) 
    • Global Referal
    • Authorization to Participate (ATP)
    • Progress Notes
    • Activity Billing
    • Eligibility 
    • Community Settings Questionaire (CSQ)
    • Brain Injury Waiver

    Local Health Departments

    • Nurse Monitoring
    • InterRAI and POCs
    Medical Daycare (MDH)
    • Enrollment
    • ADCAPS
    • Guides for SPAsSPA
    • Guides for LHD
    • Guides for UCA
    • Guides for Providers
    • Provider Reports

    Money Follows the People (MFP)

    • Peer Supports
    • Options Counseling

    Trainings and Materials 

    All Users – General


    Staff Administration

    Guides and FAQs

    UserManual for the Login Process​
    • ​​A guide for all the users of LTSSMaryland and Provider Portal systems about the login process and relevant features.


    Participant Case Management

    CO/CFC- Supports Planner

    CO/CFC Supports planner p​olicies and re​​source guides can be found on the SPA Resoure Page. Link


    Plan of Service Enhancements February 2021​ 

    Priority Category Assessment

    LTSS MD Client Profile 

    CO, ICS, CFC, and MAPC ATP Questionnaire   

    Support Planner Monitoring   ​

    LTSS MD SPA Webinar for Adding Temporary Services to POS 6.21 Part 1​​​

    LTSS MD SPA Webinar for Adding Temporary Services to POS 6.21 Part 2​

    Guides and FAQs

    Plan of Service Enhancements Quick Guide February 2021 
    ​POS Temporary Services Training Guide​

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    DDA- Coordinators of Community Service


    DDA Eligibility Determination
    DDA Waiting List & Future Needs Registry
     Waiver Application Packet
     Authorization to participate
     Community Setting Questionnaire​ ​

    Guides and FAQs

    REM program updates to LTSS February 2021​
    REM1.0 & 1.1 User Manual
    • A detailed user manual that covers all the REM Related functionalities in LTSS
    REM1.0 - Common Functions in LTSS​
    • A detailed user manual about the common functions in LTSS Maryland such as Client Profile, Client Summary, creating a new Client Profile, etc.

    Global Referral


    Global Referral

    Authorization to Participate


    ATP Questionnaire

    ​​​Progress Notes and Activity Billing


    Progress Notes and Activity Billing

    Community Settings Questionnaire


    Community Settings Questionnaire

    Brain Injury Waiver


    BI CMA Assignment/Deactivate Dec 2019B
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    Local Health Departments (LHD)

    ​​Nurse Monitoring


    Nurse Monitoring Redesign
    Nurse Monitoring Activity and Billing
    Nurse Monitoring Phase II
    Nurse Monitoring

    Guides and FAQs

    Nurse Monitoring Redesign User Guide
    • A guide for LHD, SPA, Assessor Agency that use OHCQ Complaint Form, Contact Notes, Visit Notes and RSA Checklist
    Offline Forms and Assessments A guide for Nurse ​
    • ​Monitoring, interRAI, and REM Assessment Users for enhancements to taking forms offline and saving data securely.

    InterRAI and POCs


    Assessment & POC Request Changes Training February 2021
    InterRAI PEDS Assessment​
    InterRAI PEDS Follow on functionalities and Reports
    InterRAI HC & PEDS Assessment Billing​
    Pre-interRAI Screening
    InterRAI and POC

    Guides and FAQs

    Offline Forms and Assessments A guide for Nurse
    • Offine forms and assssments: A guide for Nurse Monitoring, interRAI,and REM Assesment users 
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    Medical Day Care (MDC)

    Enhancements ​​


    MDC Enhancements Apr 2020                                                
    MDC Enhancements Nov 2019                                                
    MDC Enhancements Oct 2019 1                                             
    MDC Enhancements Oct 2019 2        
    MDC Enhancements Oct 2019 3                                             
    MDC Enhancements Oct 2019 4                                              



    MDC Freedom of Choice Form Webinar
    MDC Participant Enrollment Forms 2
    MDC Participant Enrollment Forms 3
    MDC Participant Enrollment Forms 4
    MDC Participant Enrollment Forms 5
    MDC Participant Enrollment Forms 6
    MDC Participant Enrollment Forms 7



    MDC Provider ADCAPS 1
    MDC Provider ADCAPS 2
    MDC Provider ADCAPS 3
    MDC Provider ADCAPS 4
    MDC Provider ADCAPS 5



    Medical Day Care Waiver Phase I

    Other MDC Guides

    Guides and FAQs 

    MDC Provider Reports User Guide
    • A guide for MDC Providers that reviews the Reports available within LTSSMaryland, specific to Medical Day Care participant records.
    MDCProvider Access User Guide
    • A guide for MDC Providers that outlines the sections of a participant's record that the Assigned, Pending, or Unassigned providers may access. 
    MDC ProviderApril Release Guide
    • A guide for MDC Providers that outlines updates and enhancements to the MDC modules as of April 20, 2020 .
    MDC Provider November Release Guide​
    • A guide for MDC Providers that outlines updates and enhancements to the ADCAPS module as of November 15, 2019.
    MDC Provider October Release
    • A guide for MDC Providers that outlines updates and enhancements to the MDC modules as of October 19, 2019.
    Medical Day Care Provider Guide
    • ​A guide for MDC Providers to process enrollment and manage ADCAPS for Medical Day Care Waiver Program participants.
    LTSSMaryland MDC Phase II Provisional Care Plan Guide
    • A Guide to the Provisional Care Plan option for Pre-Launch and transitional process for MDC Providers from July 22, 2019 to November 30, 2019.
    Medical Day Care SPA Guide
    • A guide for Supports Planning Agencies (SPA) to process enrollment for Medical Day Care Waiver Program participants.
    Medical Day Care LHD Guide
    • A guide for Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS) to process enrollment for Medical Day Care Waiver Program participants.
    Medical Day Care UCA Guide
    • ​A guide for Utilization Control Agencies (UCA) to view Medical Day Care Waiver Program participant records.

    Money Follows the Person

    Peer Support


    MFP Peer Support
    MFP Options Counseling


    MyLTSS is a user-friendly system where participants can review their services and flag errors.
    For additinal information about MyLTSS please visit the projects website at: https://mmcp.health.maryland.gov/longtermcare/Pages/MyLTSS.aspx



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