Office of Facilities Management and Development

The mission of the Office of Facilities Management and Development (OFMD) is to ensure adequate physical capacity and high-quality facilities to meet the needs of the Department of Health and (MDH) and its customers and to ensure that MDH real property assets are efficiently used. This mission is accomplished by providing planning, problem-solving, and competent administrative support capabilities to our customers. Our highest priority is the provision of timely and responsive service to all customers.

The Office of Facilities Management and Development administers the following programs: ​​

MDH Owned Facilities

MDH owns 16 facilities, 11 of which are operational. Services provided by the agency are organized into four areas of care:
  • Inpatient Behavioral Health;
  • Regional Institutes for Children and Adolescents ("RICA");
  • Developmental Disabilities Administration ("DDA"); and
  • Chronic Care

MDH Sponsored Capital Improvement Grants Program

The Capital Grants Program is designed to assist in the conversion, acquisition, design, construction, renovation, and equipping of both facilities that provide mental health developmental disabilities, and substance use disorder treatment services as well as Federally Qualified Health Centers.

Information about the application process is available here​.

MDH Access Maryland

  • MDH Access Maryland process provides for an annual review of the priority needs for handicapped accessibility at MDH properties and the development of program statements for the required renovations.
  • MDH Access Maryland annual implementation request is presented to the Governor's Office for Individuals with Disabilities and is incorporated into the Governor's annual capital budget, which is released each January for approval by the General Assembly.

MDH Real Property Management

Inventory, leases, rights-of-entry, and surplus property for all MDH real property.

OFMD is responsible for managing all aspects of real property management including, but not limited to, leases, rights-of-entry, and disposition of surplus property.
 MDH real property management includes:
  • ​the maintenance of a comprehensive database with an inventory of all MDH land, facilities, and buildings.
  • the coordination of any change in use of MDH property.
  • includes the disposition of surplus MDH property.

OFMD Contact Information

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