Tracking Glossary

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Age-adjusted rate

A rate that accounts for age differences between populations.  Adjusting for age allows overall rates to be compared between populations.  See also Rate.

Age Category

Age groupings permit displaying age-related trends in the data.  Agencies or researchers can use their own or standard age categories.

Age-Specific rate

A rate calculated for a specific age category

Air Quality

A general description of how much pollution is in the air. See also Toxic Pollutants, Particulate Matter.

Ambient Air

Outside Air

Ambient air monitoring network in Maryland

A network of stations in Maryland that monitor air pollutants. See also Ambient air, Contaminant, Criteria Pollutant, and Toxic Pollutants


A major birth defect where part of the brain, skull or scalp is missing.


A naturally-occuring element that can be poisonous in some forms. It can sometimes occur in wells used for drinking water


A disease where the airways of the lungs tighten up and cause wheezing, coughing, chest tightness and/or shortness of breath.

Asthma Hospital Discharge

A measure indicating that somebody required an overnight hospital stay because of asthma