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How do I reset my password?

My reset password does not work; what do I do?

How do I change my password?

Where can I find all the forms?


How do I look up a patient?

How do I add a new patient?

How do I report duplicate patient records in ImmuNet?

We have a patient with an old address on the Maryland 896 School Certificate, but the Immunization History Report has the correct address. How can we change this?

What are active vs inactive patients in ImmuNet?

How do I report a suspected bad merging of patient records?

When we do a patient search, does the system provide multiple derivatives of the name in the results?

How do I see a if a patient is due for a vaccine?

Does the reminder/recall function only bring up patients in my office?


How do I look up a vaccination?

How do I add/enter historical immunizations?

How do I remove an entry that was made in error?

How do I correct an inaccurate vaccine record in ImmuNet if I did not enter the original data/vaccine?

How do I add a vaccine that is not on the list?

Why does one of my entries say 'NOT VALID'?

The patient has had Chicken Pox before. How do I document this in ImmuNet?

How do I add a Tdap vaccine?

Where do I add that a patient refused a vaccine (whether here or in another state)?

Can Trumemba be entered into ImmuNet?

How do I delete an Immunization from ImmuNet?

Where do invalid doses show up in ImmuNet?


How do I generate an immunization report?

How do I display all the immunizations on an immunization report?

How do I find the reminder/recall report?

Does the Transaction report include patients who received particular lot numbers or vaccines?


How do I add users for my facility?

How do I edit users for my facility?

How do I inactivate or disable a user in my facility?

How do I re-enable a user's account?

How do I reset passwords for the users in my facility?

How do I add a clinician to my drop-down list?

How do I remove a clinician from my drop-down list?

Why is the 'Manage Clinicians' option grayed out?

VFC Inventory

How do I remove an expired vaccine in my EHR that shows in ImmuNet?

Does ImmuNet have scanner capability?

How do we separate VFC from private vaccines?

Will adding private vaccines impact our VFC orders?

How do you differentiate between the Inventory from the Orders?

If we don't use ProQuad, do we need to enter 0 in ProQuad row?

When we enter our inventory and request vaccines, will ImmuNet have all the list of vaccines?

Are the vaccines counted down from our inventory as we use and report them?

Do we need to zero down our lot numbers?

Are all vaccine quantity in doses?

What happens to expired vaccines?

How do we enter inventory for multi-dose vials?

VFC Ordering

Do we have to request flu vaccines or will they be sent the way they have been?

Why is Prevnar a speciality vaccine, since it is on our childhood vaccine requirement?

Will VFC be getting the PPD/TB available in 2017? Will that be on the speciality order screen?

What does the justification for ordering vaccines entail?

We have two office locations; do we need to create two profiles in ImmuNet to ship vaccines to both locations?

Can we customize our hours for delivery?

If we do not use a particular vaccine, do we put a zero(0) in that space? Is that where we edit expired vaccines?

What is the standard amount for a vaccine inventory to be considered low?

How long does it take for vaccines to be shipped?