Zika Information for Clinicians
    MD​H Clinician Guidance (each date will link to the clinician letter PDF)
  • 6/7/2017:       Maryland Zika Epidemiology, New Clinical Tools, and Updated Travel Guidance
                                 Recent Literature Related to Zika Virus Infection and Adverse Pregnancy Outcomes:
                                    Birth Defects Among Fetuses and Infants of US Women
                                    Zika Virus RNA Replication and Persistence in Brain and Placental Tissue
                                    Zika Virus Infection in Pregnant Women in Rio de Janeiro
                                    Monitoring and Preventing Congenital Zika Syndrome
                                    Description of 13 Infants Born with Zika Virus Infection Without Microcephaly
                               Travel Considerations for Southeast Asia and Miami-Dade County, FL
  • 9/7/2016:     DHMH Zika Virus Testing Algorithm [superseded]
                              Guidance for Travel and Testing Related to Miami-Dade, FL [superseded]
  • 7/28/2016:   Updated Testing Algorithms [superseded]
                              Updated Interim Guidance and Recommendations:
                                   For Providers Caring for Pregnant Women with Possible Zika Virus Exposure
                                   For the Prevention of Sexual Transmission of Zika Virus
                                   For Testing of Infant Specimens at Time of Birth [superseded]
  • 6/28/2016:   Criteria for Testing Non-Travelers During Mosquito Season 
  • 6/7/2016:     Mosquito Season and Updated Counseling Recommendations
                              Reporting of Possible Zika Cases, Including Children Born to Women Potentially 
                                  Infected with Zika Virus
                              Counseling Patients on Prevention of Mosquito Bites
                              Reporting of Rash Illness Clusters Possibly Due to Locally Transmitted Zika Virus
  • 3/25/2016:   Interim Guidance for Pregnant and Reproductive Age Women [superseded]
                              Updated Interim Guidance for Preventing Sexual Transmission [superseded] 
  • 2/12/2016:   Testing for the Zika Virus at the Maryland Laboratories Administration [superseded]​
                              Updated Sexual Prevention Guidance [superseded]

   CDC Clinician Guidance