Scope of the Council's Work

The Council is charged with ensuring a coordinated public and private system of cancer control programs throughgout the State.  The scope of the Council's work includes:

  • Educate and advise governmental officials, public and private organizations, and the general public on comprehensive State policies and programs aimed at reducing and controlling cancer incidence and mortality among Marylanders.

  • Promote and coordinate, in cooperation with other federal, state, local, or private agencies, unified programs that identify and address the cancer needs of Marylanders such as public and private partnerships to improve access to prevention, screening, and treatment services.

  • Review existing and planned cancer programs in the public and private sectors to assure proper allocation of State resources.

  • Promote and guide the use of the Maryland Cancer Registry as a tool for research, planning, evaluation and targeting of cancer control programs. The Registry is used to track trends in cancer incidence, diagnostic stage, mortality and risk factors for cancer.

  • Further the development of the Maryland Cancer Registry (MCR) through the Cancer Registry Advisory Committee (CRAC) .

  • Establish goals and priorities for cancer surveillance in Maryland.
  • Advocate for improved access for the under and uninsured to screening and treatment programs.