The Health Care Transition

Leadership Team

Vision: The health care leadership team envisions a universally integrated and culturally sensitive seamless transition of youth with special health care needs from pediatric to adult care within a medical home across the State of Maryland.

The mission of the health care transition team is to develop recommendations that promote the expansion of transition services in Maryland through appropriate evidence base support systems; providers, parents, and youth education; and collaboration with federal, state, and community base organizations.

Charge: To collectively develop recommendations for comprehensive statewide plan for an integrated system of care for youth to young adults transitioning from pediatric care to adult care systems.
Goal: Improve transition from pediatric to adult health care through the use of new and innovative strategies for health professionals and youth and families;

  • Improve the ability of youth and young adults to manage their own health and effectively use health services; and
  • Ensure an organized clinical process to facilitate transition preparation, transfer of care, and integration into adult-centered care in medical home or specialty care settings.