Sickle Cell Disease Services

  • Case Management including home visits and yearly health status assessments are available for patients up to age 5 who were identified by the newborn screening program.Some services can be arranged for older children. Call (410) 767-6732, the Department of Health & Mental Hygiene, Hemoglobin Disorders Follow-up Program for additional information.
  • Pediatric Hematology and adult hematology visits are available for definitive diagnosis of sickle cell disease, consultation and medical management. The pediatric hematology program consultant is Dr. George Dover at Johns Hopkins (410) 955-6132. Adults may contact Dr. Sophie Lanzkron at Johns Hopkins (410) 502-7770 for assistance.

Other available pediatric hematologists are:

Dr. Joseph Wiley
Sinai Hospital
(410) 601-5864
Dr. Teresa York
University of MD
(410) 328-2808
Dr. Corina Gonzalez
Georgetown University
(202) 444-2224
Dr. Sohail Rana
Howard University
(202) 865-4583
Dr. Lewis Hsu
Children's National Medical Center
(202) 476-5000
  • Genetic Counseling is available for the families of newborns, children and adults with the disease, individuals with the trait, and couples at risk for having children with a hemoglobin disorder. Contact the Office for Genetics and Children with Special Health Care Needs (OGCSHCN) at (410) 767-6732.
  • Prenatal Diagnosis is available to detect Sickle Cell Disease and other hemoglobinopathies. Contact the Office for Genetics and Children with Special Health Care Needs (OGCSHCN) at (410) 767-6732 or your obstetrician for a referral.
  • Financial Assistance is available for the families of children who meet the financial eligibility criteria. Contact your Local Health Department and ask about Children's Medical Services.
  • Education Programs and Support Services for Sickle Cell Disease can be provided in your local community. Parent and patient support groups are available in various locations around the state and in Baltimore City.

Support Group Contacts:

Contact Person
Phone Number
Office for Genetics and Children with Special Health Care Needs
Marcia Diggs
(410) 767-6732
Johns Hopkins Family Sickle Cell Disease Support Group
Kim Winship, LCSWC
(410) 614-0833
Lauren D. Beck Sickle Cell Disease Foundation- Anne Arundel County
Anika Wilkerson
(443) 618-3812
William E. Proudford Sickle Cell Fund, Inc.
Karen Proudford, PhD
Johns Hopkins Adult Patient Support Group
Sophie Lanzkron, MD
(410) 502-7770