Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program 


The Goal of the Maryland Family Planning Program is to: 

  • Reduce unintended pregnancy,
  • Improve pregnancy outcomes by assuring that comprehensive, quality family planning and reproductive health services are available and accessible to Maryland citizens in need.

What is family planning?

Family Planning is the process of choosing the number of children and the interval between births. 

Why use family planning services?

Family Planning a is a leading strategy to reduce low birth weight babies, fetal, infant, and maternal mortality. Family planning reduces the need for abortion, especially unsafe abortion, and reinforces people's rights to determine the number and spacing of their children. 

What types of family planning services are available?

Who is served by the Maryland Family Planning and Reproductive Health Program?

The Maryland Family Planning Program provides clinical and related services to approximately 64,000 women and men each year in clinics located in almost every jurisdiction in the state.  No one is denied services because of the inability to pay.  No funds are used to pay for abortions.

Family Planning Coverage under the Maryland Medical Assistance Program:

The Maryland Medicaid Program offers family planning health benefits coverage to eligible women.

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For other questions regarding Medicaid Eligibility click here.

For questions about your family planning coverage under Medicaid please call: 

MCH Hotline 1-800-456-8900