TITLE V Public Comments
Maternal and Child Health in Maryland

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH), Prevention and Health Promotion Administration welcomes your comments about the needs of women, infants, children, adolescents, and their families in Maryland, and the services available to them. This information helps us plan and evaluate services. Comments are accepted at any time and are reviewed on an ongoing basis. 
Comments also help us prepare annual Title V Block Grant applications and required needs assessment reports. Based on federal requirements for submitting the annual Title V application each fall, comments received before mid-September will be considered when finalizing this year’s application.  However, comments and input are welcomed year-round.  The current draft of the 2016 Annual Report and 2018 Application is available here .
Whether you want to comment specifically on Maryland’s MCH Block Grant or you want to comment more generally on the needs of children and families, your interest and willingness to provide input is appreciated. Note that when comments are e-mailed the name and e-mail of the sender are included with the comments, however contact information is only visible to MDH Title V staff.
·         If you are responding to a specific priority or performance measure from the MCH Block Grant application, please note which one.
·         Otherwise, simply provide your general comment, concern, resource, or idea.
·         If you have comments about a page on the website, please include the page URL in your message.
Comments can be sent to mdh.mchb@maryland.gov, indicating 'Title V Comments' in the subject line.
Thanks for your input!
August, 2017