Bicycle Related Health Injuries

·         The most serious injuries among a majority of those killed are to the head, highlighting the importance of wearing a bicycle helmet.1

·         Helmet use has been estimated to reduce the odds of head injury by 50 percent, and the odds of head, face or neck injury by 33 percent. 2

·         Twenty-one states and the District of Columbia have helmet laws applying to young bicyclists; none of these laws applies to all riders1

·         A total of 741 bicyclists were killed in crashes with motor vehicles in 2013, a two percent decrease from 20121.

·         Deaths among bicyclists younger than 16 have declined 90% since 1975, while deaths among bicyclists 16 and older have increased 69%. Deaths of bicyclists younger than 16 were 11% of all bicyclist deaths in 20101

·         In 2013, there were 7 bicycle fatalities in the state of Maryland3

1.Insurance Institute for Highway Safety 2010 

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