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Health Department Warns Consumers on “Baczol” Anti-Flu Product

Maryland consumers are warned that the products “Baczol, Pediatric Baczol, or Baczol Antigripal” contain an antibiotic and should not be used.

In March, 2012 the Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene (DHMH) was contacted about product sold in some convenience stores under the names Baczol, Pediatric Baczol, or Baczol Antigripal. These products all contain an antibiotic medicine that should only be taken by prescription.

These products are advertised for many different health problems, and may be advertised specifically for children. They should not be used for children, especially without talking to a health professional.

Use of this type of antibiotic medicine can cause a number of health problems, including serious allergic reactions.

Where are these products found?
Stores in Maryland should not be selling these products.

What should I do if I have been using this product?

  • Talk with your doctor if you or a family member have been using this product.
  • Stop using the product.
  • You may throw the product in the trash. DHMH is not collecting or testing these products.

For more information
For more information contact the Maryland Poison Center toll-free at 1-800-222-1222; your local health department; or the DHMH Center for Environmental Health and Community Services toll-free at 1-866-703-3266

Maryland Department of Health and Mental Hygiene
Center for Environmental Health and Community Services
201 West Preston Street, Room 327
Baltimore, MD 21201
1-866-703-3266/Fax: (410) 333-5995

April, 2012