Main Building's Lobby

This photograph, probably taken sometime during the 1930s, is the only known photograph of the Main Building's Lobby that exists today.  The photographer was standing on the staircase in the stair hall that was located just to the north of the lobby. Note the mosaic tile work and the embedded reference to the hospital's founding in 1797. 

That portion of the Main Building's lobby's tile floor was salvaged by the hospital's maintenance department when the building was demolished in 1964, and it is currently on display in the Spring Grove Hospital Center Alumni Museum in the Garrett Building.  Contrary to what might be assumed, the "Founded 1797" mosaic was not original to the building. 

The hospital's annual report of 1897, the centennial year, notes that the mosaic floor was installed in that year to replace what was apparently the original wooden floor, which had become worn and gave the entrance hall a "shabby appearance." 

By noting the thickness of the wall of the passageway in which the woman is standing, the viewer is able to get a feeling for the Main Building's massive scale.