The Preston Complex

(Built in stages: 1962 - 1969)

(September 2000)

The Preston Complex consists of six separate buildings that are interconnected by a series of covered walkways.  These six buildings are the Dix Building (above left), the Hill Building (center background), the Mitchell Building, the Sullivan Building, the Noyes Building and the Preston Building (right foreground).  The first of these buildings to be built, the center Preston Building, was constructed in 1962 and served as a dining room and office area for the rest of the complex. The Hill, Mitchell and Sullivan Buildings were completed in 1963-64, in time to accept patients from the soon-to-be demolished Main Building.  The Noyes Building was added to the group a few years later, and the newest building in the Preston Complex, the Dix Building, was constructed in 1969.  Originally, the Complex was called "The Men's Group."  For many years, and for reasons that are not entirely clear, the group of buildings were informally referred to as "Disneyland" by both patient's and staff. (A woman who had been a patient in the Preston Complex in the 1970s said that it was her understanding that it was called "Disneyland" because it's modern buildings and series of covered walkways reminded some people of an amusement park.) Today, the buildings are used to house the hospital's residential (assisted living) units, as well as a long-term inpatient unit.  The Preston Building is still used as a dining room for the other buildings.  It also houses the headquarters of the hospital's Extended Care Division, the Hospital Police Department, and the hospital's operators. The Dix Building has recently been renovated and will be used as offices for the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene.