Local COVID-19 Data

All data updated 11/12/2021​

Weekly Update: ​​​​

Talbot Community Transmission Rate: 244.75​​​ (=total cases in past 7 days per 100,000 people). Our case rate remains in the HIGH category. Wearing a mask in indoor settings is recommended for everyone, both unvaccinated and vaccinated, in areas of "Substantial" (rate >50) and "High" risk (rate >100).  The number of new cases has decreased overall since the peak of the delta surge in late September, but has unfortunately been increasing since the end of October.​​​​

In the past week, there have been 91​​ new COVID cases in Talbot County. All of these are presumed to be the delta variant.  Being fully vaccinated with a COVID vaccine is highly protective against infection with the delta variant of coronavirus.​
Currently only 67.4% of Talbot residents are fully vaccinated, which means about 12,000 county residents are not fully vaccinated. Many of these are children who either just became eligible (the 2645 children aged 5-11) or are still not eligible (the 1734 children under age 5). However, the majority of unvaccinated Talbot residents are adults or adolescents above the age of 11. ​

New COVID cases in the ​past month: 334
  • 75% 18 and over
  • 15% age 65 and over
  • 36% under 18
  • 25% under age 12 5-11 year olds became eligible for vaccination only recently on 11/3/21)​

Hospitalization Data: 
There were 19 Talbot residents hospitalized during the month ending 11/19​/21. 
14 of the 19 hospitalized patients were admitted at hospitals outside of the Eastern Shore. 

Vaccination status of hospitalized:  
Unvaccinated: 13  (68%)
Partially vaccinated: 1
Fully vaccinated: 5​

Age status of hospitalized: 
  • ​​65 years and older: 6​
  • ​40 - 64 years old: 7
  • 18 - 39 years old : 5
  • <18 years old: 1
Talbot Community Transmission Rate 244.75
(total cases in past 7 days per 100,000 people)​​​



Vaccination Progress Update
On 11/3/2021, children between the ages of 5-11 years old became eligible to be vaccinated with Pfizer vaccine. Vaccine supply for this age group is extremely limited in Talbot County.
The Talbot County Health Department received enough vaccine to vaccinate 150 children during the first week of administration (11/4/21-11/10/21).
Our next allocation of vaccine will allow us to vaccinate 100 additional children during the week of 11/15-11/19. Vaccine clinic appointments for our health department-run clinics may be made here. Appointments for the week of 11/15-11/19 will be posted for sign up starting on 11/15.
Vaccines for children aged 5-11 m​ay also be obtained at your local pediatrician's office or retail pharmacy (currently, only CVS and Walmart in Talbot County).

There have been 7858​ additional or booster doses given to Talbot residents.​
Please schedule your appointment for a booster dose at: https://bit.ly/3BdZ40G ​