​MD​ Electronic Vital Records Registration System

Help and Information​​

Maryland State Offices will be closed on 12/24/21 and 12/31/21. If you need assistance on these days with the MD-EDRS system or over the corresponding weekends, please send an email to edrs.help@maryland.gov​ with detai​led information about the issue you are encountering.

The Maryland Electronic Death Registration System (MD-EDRS) has been restored. 

Please read this important information regarding accessing MD-EDRS:

The Maryland Department of Health (MDH) has restored the availability of MD-EDRS and is now running on a new platform.

While the initial login page looks different, usernames and passwords have remained the same. Users can continue to login with their previous passwords for 60 days; at which time they will be required to change them to create passwords that incorporate higher security standards.

Please resume use of MD-EDRS to record all deaths and discontinue the interim paper-based submission of death records. Thank you for your continued patience as we work through the backlog of requests.


Is it safe for me to access MD-EDRS on the new platform?

Yes. Not only is the new MD-EDRS platform supported by an extremely stringent security implementation, it also requires stronger user passwords. This is a new platform and not part of the recent security incident at MDH.

How do I log in to MD-EDRS on the new platform?

MD-EDRS has moved to a new platform, but it is still accessible at the original URL by logging on at https://mdedrs.health.maryland.gov

Has anything changed?

The new login screen looks different, but all account information, usernames and passwords are the same.

What if I can’t remember my password?

Use the ‘Forgot Password’ link to reset your password. Next, enter your username and click on ‘Submit Passcode’. An email will be sent from identity@mymdthink.maryland.gov with a passcode. Enter the passcode and click ‘Submit Passcode’. At the next screen, enter a new password that conforms to the new password policy rules and click ‘Submit’. Next, enter your user name and new password then click ‘Sign In’. Please keep in mind that the EDRS help desk can no longer reset user account passwords. Password resets must be performed through the above described process.

I have been locked out of my account! Now what?

After too many unsuccessful login attempts, the account will be locked for 15 minutes. After that time, the user may try again. The EDRS help desk cannot circumvent this time delay as they will no longer be resetting the user’s account. If a user has tried unsuccessfully to log in a few times, using the Forgot Password link may be a better alternative to getting locked out.

How can I request assistance?

Please email the EDRS help desk at edrs.help@maryland.gov and include a detailed explanation of the issue you are encountering. We expect that the help desk may be very busy at first, so we ask for your patience as they respond to questions in the order they are received.

Will I be able to order certified copies of death certificates?

Certified copies of death certificates can be ordered from DVR via lobby appointments or from some local health departments. There is a limit of up to five (5) copies until further notice because of limited printing capacity at DVR due to the security incident.

Should I expect delays in the registration or amending of death certificates?

Yes, delays are expected as DVR works through the backlog. These will be processed as soon as possible.

Accessing MD-EVRRS
Only authorized users are permitted to access MD-EVRRS. Your organization (medical facililty/funeral establishment/nursing home/hospice, etc.) will determine who is an authorized user.

Password Policy Rules 
Passwords must now meet a number of rules to keep your information safe.  Please note that:

* The new password must be between fourteen (14) and twenty (20) characters.
* The new password must contain at least two of each of the following:
         * a. Uppercase letters.
         * b. Lowercase letters.
         * c. Numbers.
         * d. Special characters. ~!@#$%^*_+-={}/\][:;?,.
* The new password cannot contain blank spaces.
* The new password must not contain your Username.  
* The new password must differ from your previous password by at least two (2) characters.
* The new password cannot be any one of your previous twenty four (24) passwords
* The new password cannot be a password that has been used in the last twelve months. ​