Request Death and Fetal Death Certificates

​The Division of Vital Records' lobby is open to service all customers by appointment only.​

Certificates may also be ordered by mail (see below) or at some local health departments. Please click here to get more information on the location closest to you.

The Div​ision of Vital Records (DVR) of the Maryland Department of Health (MDH) issues certified copies of death certificates for individuals who died in Maryland in 2012 or later. For copies of records for deaths that occurred prior to 2012, contact the Maryland State Archives. If a record cannot be located, the certificate fee is not refunded and a Certification of Record Search will be provided.​

The Following Persons May Apply: ​

  • Surviving relative or authorized representative of the deceased
  • Funeral director who was in charge of the final disposition of the body of the deceased. Funeral directors can click here ​for information on online ordering.​

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