Information on FEMA COVID-19 Funeral Assistance

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) will implement a program to provide financial assistance for COVID-19 related funera​l expenses. More information on this program and how to apply are available at the FEMA website here:  

  • In order to apply for reimbursement the death certificate must indicate that the decedent died from COVID-19 or that COVID-19 was probable, presumed, or suspected.  
  • You do not need to send an original certified copy of the death certificate. A photocopied or scanned copy is sufficient for the application.

If the decedent's death certificate did not list COVID-19 among the causes of death and you believe that COVID-19 was related to the death, you must contact the medical certifier listed on the death certificate to request that they amend the record. Please do not contact the Division of Vital Records or the funeral facility as they will not be able to assist with this change. Only the medical certifier who completed the death certificate may amend the cause of death.​