Auxiliary & Volunteer Services

The purpose of the Auxiliary & Volunteer Services is to enhance the quality of services provided to the patients and residents, and to facilitate a positive relationship between the community and the patients and residents.

Our goal is to serve the patient and resident the best way we can as well as make it easy and enjoyable for the volunteer.

The Auxiliary sponsors projects and provides services to enhance the quality of life for the patients and residents. 

Services include:

  • Gift Shop
  • Events (i.e., bingo, themed/holiday meals and parties)
  • Any many more

The Auxiliary is able to provide these services through fundraising efforts and donations along with volunteers from the community who graciously donate their time.

Garde​n Committee

The mission of the WMHC Therapeutic Garden Group is to create spaces where patients, residents and visitors can rest, heal, and be inspired to improve their lives.

More than 20 gardens are on the campus of the Western Maryland Hospital Center.  The gardens provide an alternative outdoor environment to the traditional hospital room for patients and residents to receive physical, spiritual, mental health and recreational therapies.  Elevated raised beds are used by patients and residents to create flower and vegetable gardens.  These gardens also serve as a respite area for staff to relax and enjoy the benefits of being with nature.

For More Information:

Contact Grace Bates, Outreach and Special Programs Coordinator at 301-745-4960 or​