Other Medical Services

​Laboratory Services

The Clinical Laboratory provides quality laboratory testing so that the physician and any other health care provider will have accurate and timely results in order to diagnose, treat, and manage the patient's/resident's condition properly. Test results from every department of the laboratory are routinely monitored for reliability, precision, and accuracy by performing internal quality control daily, peer group evaluation monthly and by participating with an external proficiency testing program. The Clinical Laboratory successfully completes proficiency testing from the American Proficiency Institute, which allows us to benchmark our results with other institutions with similar instrumentation and patient population.

Hemodialysis Services

The inpatient dialysis service is physically located in a State operated post acute care rehabilitation hospital and all support in the way of supplies, equipment, budget and accounting are derived therefrom. Staffing is provided through the personnel office of Western Maryland Hospital Center using guidelines established by State and Federal agencies.  Hours of operation are 5:30 A.M. – 3:30 P.M., Monday through Friday. 24 hour on call coverage is provided by physician staff and dialysis nursing staff. Care is given by appropriately trained personnel consisting of 2 registered nurses and 2 dialysis technicians with training, experience and documented current competence in the nursing care of patients in acute renal failure or end stage renal disease and associated dialysis techniques. 
Physical space is allotted for patient treatment, as well as for the preparation and dismantling of dialysis equipment and meets the guidelines set forth by State and Federal agencies.