Resident Grievance System

Residents' Rights 

Subject to certain provisions of law, you have a right to:

  • Be treated in a humane fashion
  • Be free from restraints or seclusion, except in emergency when your behavior places you or others at serious threat of violence or injury
  • Voluntarily use the Quiet Room, at your request or the request of staff
  • Be protected from harm or abuse Except for medical reasons that are written by a physician: 
    • Send and receive mail
    • Reasonable use of the telephone
    • Receive visitors during reasonable visiting hours
  • Talk with your attorney or clergy at all reasonable hours
  • Talk with your doctor or other staff concerning your medication, treatment, diagnosis, or prognosis
  • Appropriate assessment and management of pain
  • Participate in making your treatment plan
  • Have your records kept confidential and request to review your medical record
  • Refuse to participate in physically intrusive research
  • Refuse medication except:
    • When you are dangerous to yourself or others, or
    • If you are an involuntary patient, after approval of the medication by a Clinical Review Panel
    • Complain or initiate a grievance
  • Exercise your civil rights such as voting and owning property

    Your rights are more fully explained in Rights of Persons in Maryland’s Psychiatric Facilities, the handbook you were given when you were admitted to the facility, and in Health General Article of Maryland’s Annotated Code, 10-701 – 10-713

    If you need additional information about your rights, want a right explained to you, or want to file a grievance because you believe your rights have been violated, you may contact the Rights Advisor whose name and telephone number is listed in the rights booklet or you may call the Resident Grievance System Central Office, free of charge, at the following number:


    Click here for the 'Rights of Persons in Maryland's Psychiatric Facilities' pamphlet