Behavior Analyst License

Practice of Behavior Analysis

Legislation was passed in 2014 requiring the Board of Professional Counselors and Therapists to regulate the practice of behavior analysis. Beginning January 2015, individuals practicing behavior analysis must be licensed. The application for licensure is posted below. As part of the application process, all applicants must submit to a criminal history records check(CHRC). NEW - Applicants must obtain a CHRC before submitting their application. The required CHRC form is included with the application. Please submit a copy of the receipt from the CHRC with the application.

License Requirements

The applicant shall have:

  • a current certification by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board (BCBA or BCBA-D) or its successor organization; and
  • a master's degree or higher from a behavior analysis educational program that is accredited by the Behavior Analyst Certification Board or its successor organization.​

Behavior Analyst Advisory Committee
Carol Baltazar, MD.
Lynn Bowman, LBA, BCBA
Samantha Hardesty, Ph.D., LBA, BCBA
Erin Camp Rooker, Ph.D., LBA, BCBA
Erin Schaller, LBA, BCBA



Please remember to regularly check the Board's homepage for information and updates regarding all professions regulated by the Board.

Statute and Regulations


Behavior Analyst Advisory Committee Meeting