Psychology Board Laws and Regulations




Health Occupations Article 18 - Annotated Code of Maryland

Health Occupations Article​​​

 COMAR Regulations


COMAR 10.36.01 Procedures​

COMAR 10.36.02 Continuing Education

COMAR 10.36.03 Procedure for Board Hearings

COMAR 10.36.05 Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct

COMAR 10.36.06 Fee Schedule

COMAR 10.36.07 Psychology Associates

COMAR 10.36.08  Chapter 08 Disciplinary Sanctions and Monetary Penalties

COMAR 10.36.09  Child Custody Evaluation

COMAR 10.36.10 Telepsychology


Other COMAR Regulation

COMAR 10.31.02 Tax Compliance Regulations


Other Articles

Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article, 5-717 Exemption from Civil Liability​

Health Occupations Article,§ 14-501(a)--(e) Medical Review Committees​

State Government Article, § § 10-612(a), 10-617(h), 10-618(a)--(c), (f) Maryland Public Information Act​

Insurance Article, § 15-714 Freedom of Choice for Health -Insured Individuals​

Health Occupations Article §§ 1-301--1-305 Patient Referrals​

Insurance Article § 15-10A-02(d) Appeal of Adverse Decisions by a Patient's Health Insurance Carrier​

Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article, § 9-109 Privileged Communications

Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article, § 9-120 Psychologist as Expert Witness

Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article, § 5-609 Duty to Commit, Treat, or Warn​

Family law Article, § § 20-102,20-104 Treatment of Minors

Family law Article, § § 5-702, 5-704, 5-708,5-711 Duty to Report Child Abuse and Neglect

Family law Article, § 5-706 Examination of Abused or Neglected Child Courts & Judicial Proceedings Article, § 3-8A-17 Study and Examination of a Child Health General Article, § 10-923  Placement of a Child or Adolescent in a Private Therapeutic Group HomeFamily law Article,§§ 14-101 --14-103,14-302, 14-308, 14-309  Duty to Report Abuse, Neglect, Self Neglect, or Exploitation of Vulnerable Adults

Estates & Trusts Article,§ 13-705(A)--(c) and Maryland Rule 10-202(a)  Petitions for Guardianship of a Disabled Person

Health General Article,§§ 10-601,10-615,10-616,10-618 Involuntary Psychiatric Admissions Health General Article,§§ 10-601,10-620,10-622,10-623, 10-629  Emergency Psychiatric Evaluations Health General Article,§§ 4-301--4-309,8-601 Medical Records Act--Duty to Hold Confidential and Duty to Disclose a Medical Record Family law Article,§§ 9-104, Access to Records by a Noncustodial ParentHealth General Article,§§ 4-401, 4-403  Altering, Maintaining, or Destroying Medical Records

State Government Article, §§ 10-226 Licenses-- Special provisions